Fans debate who can really be called the MCU’s smartest person


It’s brains versus… brains, as social media debates a never-ending topic: who is the MCU’s smartest character?

Whether it’s in the comics or on screens both big and small, Marvel has a revolving door of characters dubbed “the world’s smartest person.” The usual suspects tend to be the top inventors of the Marvel-616 Universe: Mister Fantastic, Doctor Doom, Bruce Banner, Hank Pym, and Tony Stark.

Between Reddit and Twitter, this has been a raging battle since the MCU was created. One Redditor posed the question along with the choices: Professor Hulk, Peter Parker, Rocket Raccoon, Shuri, or someone else. 

The nominees came pouring in, with users listing Bruce Banner, the Eternals’ Phastos, Pym, and Reed Richards among others. User juances19 wrote:

“Banner managed to create some weird ‘inverted’ time machine. Even if wasn’t what he originally planned, I’d say it’s a technological marvel greater than everything else the others have made. My vote goes to him or Pym for designing the original tunnel.”

Meanwhile, user Thatlad had thoughts on the original Ant-Man, Hank Pym.

“Dude invented tech that goes against physics, figured out how to communicate and control insects, travel to a different realm and he avoided shield/hydra for decades.”

As Reddit debated the smartest person in the MCU, Twitter had one clear favorite: Shuri. It’s an easy case to make, given that Joe and Anthony Russo have said she is the MCU’s most intelligent character. 

Despite all the love for Shuri, one Twitter user found evidence that while she is in the top two, maybe she isn’t the single smartest human on Earth-616.

Until Kevin Feige declares a winner, this argument will continue well beyond the last days of the MCU.