Fans Are Debating Whether Captain America Or Optimus Prime Gives Better Inspirational Speeches


The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic that has left millions of people around the world essentially confined to their homes has left an awful lot of folks with more time on their hands than they’ve ever been used to. After the movie industry was forced into a virtual shutdown as theaters across the planet locked their doors, some studios were kind enough to accelerate the release of their latest films to home video, in an effort to appease those fans left devastated by the months-long delays faced by nearly every high-profile effort on the calendar.

Social media has also turned out to be a great way for people to connect and share their opinions about movies, no matter how random the subject matter. The users who went online to debate which installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe could categorically be labeled as the worst are likely the same ones who were left broken-hearted by the whole of Phase Four being delayed, while Netflix’s docu-series Tiger King turned into a global phenomenon overnight.

The latest online debate looks to be a much more wholesome one, as fans try and decide whether Optimus Prime or Captain America gave better inspirational speeches. While neither are a patch on Bill Pullman’s President Whitmore from Independence Day, both characters are nonetheless iconic leaders of teams that anchored multi-billion dollar franchises, and you can check out some of the opinions below.

It certainly looks as though Optimus Prime has the edge over the recently-retired Steve Rogers, even though the latter was the point man for the Avengers for nearly a decade. Of course, the Transformers movies never found much love from critics, but it still seems as though the fans would be ready and willing to rally behind Peter Cullen’s instantly-recognizable orders at a moment’s notice.