Popular Netflix Film Has Creepy Connections To Coronavirus Pandemic

Bird Box Review

If John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place toyed with elemental fears (for instance, the monsters hunt by sound alone), then Bird Box placed its focus on another key human sense: sight.

Yes, 2018’s Netflix sensation dropped Sandra Bullock and her on-screen family into a world plagued by dark, supernatural creatures that if you look at them, cause you to go insane and commit suicide. It was a thrilling, creepy and totally entertaining thriller, one which gripped subscribers for months after it debuted.

But now, more than two years on from its premiere, it looks like Bird Box might be more relevant than ever. And that’s because fans have begun noticing that it actually shares a number of similarities with the current pandemic that the world is facing. In fact, one of the most obvious is that, as ScreenRant puts it, “people are forced to quarantine in their homes to avoid a deadly threat that cannot be seen.”

Furthermore, just like nowadays, with everyone wearing masks when they go out in public to protect themselves from the virus, those in Bird Box wore blindfolds to protect themselves when they had to go out in the open and leave their home. Again, as ScreenRant explains:

The characters in Bird Box wear blindfolds because the threat gets them through their eyes, while real people wear masks over their noses and mouths to guard against an infection that spreads through talking and coughing.

But that’s not all. What’s also interesting is that the characters in Bird Box react to the threat similar to how much of the world was reacting to the coronavirus when it began to spread. At the start of the film, some refuse to believe the threat was real and ignored the precautions that were being put into place. Similar to how many people called the coronavirus a hoax until it became a global pandemic.

Of course, there are a few other eerie parallels as well, and if you haven’t given it a watch recently, or ever, we suggest checking out Bird Box on Netflix. A gripping, horror-infused film awaits you.