Fans roast DC after a BTS image gathers more buzz than a Comic-Con presentation

Ben Affleck in character as you-know-who
via Warner Bros.

Marvel unquestionably won out when it came to the battle of the superhero universes at this July’s Comic-Con, and it wasn’t even close. While the House of Ideas unveiled basically their full slate of movies and TV shows through 2025, DC dropped… new trailers for Black Adam and Shazam! 2. Fans were crushed by the disappointing display, and they haven’t let Warner Bros. forget it ever since.

In fact, the most exciting reveal of the month for DC lovers came courtesy of Jason Momoa’s Instagram, with the Justice League star sharing a snap of himself with Ben Affleck on the set of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, confirming that Batfleck will be back in the upcoming underwater sequel. But while the internet is going gaga over the news, fans are speculating that WB execs might not be so pleased.

One hilarious meme, reposted on the r/DC_Cinematic subreddit, used a disgruntled Homelander from The Boys as a stand-in for the studio’s brass. “Warner Bros. seeing this one picture of Ben get more attention than everything at their Comic Con presentation combined,” reads the caption.

Going into Comic-Con, fans got themselves convinced that Henry Cavill was going to be announced as making a comeback as Superman. While that turned out to be a lie concocted by Lex Luthor, at least now we know that another Justice League member is returning in his stead. In fact, if you wanted to play conspiracy theorist, you might wonder if WB ordered Momoa to unveil this news to counteract the bad press coming out of their controversial SDCC presentation.

Whatever the case, at least DCEU fans are more psyched for the future of the franchise again after this Affleck announcement, although the universe’s underwhelming Comic-Con coverage isn’t going to be forgotten anytime soon.