The Internet Thinks Topher Grace Was A Better Venom Than Tom Hardy

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Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 should be held up as an example of how not to make a comic book blockbuster. The movie already came burdened with massive expectations after the first two installments did big business at the box office and received widespread enthusiasm from both critics and fans, but the concluding chapter of the trilogy creaked under the weight of its own ambition.

The most expensive film ever made at the time with a budget of $258 million, Spider-Man 3 at least managed to become the highest-grossing entry yet after pulling in $895 million, and it remained the most lucrative Spidey outing until Far From Home crossed a billion dollars last summer, but it isn’t particularly well remembered.

It was Avi Arad who pushed for Venom to be included in the script despite Raimi’s objections, and the filmmaker hardly tries to mask his lack of interest in the fan favorite character or the underwritten subplot in which he appears. Topher Grace was woefully miscast in the role, but there’s been some debate stirring up on social media lately after it was suggested that he made for a much better Eddie Brock than Tom Hardy, as you can see below.

Obviously, people who prefer Grace to Hardy are very much in the minority, and while Sony’s Venom is hardly a great movie, the leading man is the undoubted highlight after making some bizarre choices in his approach to playing Eddie Brock but somehow still managing to pull it off. And having raked in just as much money for his solo debut as Spider-Man 3 did with an entire ensemble of comic book favorites involved, audiences clearly dug Hardy’s take on the character as well.