‘Fantastic Four’ supporters aren’t in the mood for the MCU’s Doctor Doom cracking wise

Doctor Doom
Screengrab via Marvel Comics

With the MCU’s take on Fantastic Four in development for Phase Four, it likely won’t be much longer until Doctor Doom, the arch nemesis to the titular superhero team and one of Marvel’s most acclaimed characters in history, finally makes his appearance in the Feigeverse.

Doom’s imposing gravitas has become the subject of a myriad of Twitter debates, with many arguing that the threat he represents cannot be undercut by any means, which in turn has led to demands that the MCU’s typical brand of humor comes nowhere near Victor Von Doom.

One user pulled a clip from Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to frame exactly how they would want Doctor Doom to handle any jokes that get thrown his way. In it, the tyrannical supervillain calmly shuts down an energetic Wasp with cold apathy.

But some users aren’t all that convinced that Doom is the stone-cold stoic that everyone is making him out to be. One user presented an array of panels from Doom’s comic book appearances, all of them sporting dialogue that very clearly intends comedic effect.

This was backed up by another user, who posted a comic panel showing Doctor Doom completely dominating Spider-Man in the field of Star Trek knowledge, while noting that Doctor Doom’s humor comes from Doctor Doom just being himself.

It’s true that the MCU’s specific wisecracking habit may not work with the instance of Doctor Doom, who could very well step into the role of a Thanos-level threat down the line. But, as we’ve seen with Kang the Conqueror in Loki, a character’s charisma alone can still be chuckle-worthy without making us doubt the danger they pose, and if these comic panels are any indication, this could apply to The Fantastic Four big bad quite well.

Speaking of Marvel, up next for Phase Four is the Disney Plus series She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, premiering on Aug. 17.