Fast & Furious 10 Will Reportedly Kill Off [SPOILERS]


With the Fast & Furious franchise one of the biggest, most popular and most lucrative brands in the industry, you might be forgiven for thinking that Universal might end up backtracking on their original plans to draw the recently-dubbed Fast Saga to a close after the tenth installment.

By that time, Dominic Toretto will have been a fixture on our screens for over 20 years, and while some fans would no doubt find it hard to say goodbye to the ensemble that they’ve followed for two decades, there’s reportedly more than enough Fast & Furious content in the works to tide them over for the foreseeable future.

Not only has Hobbs & Shaw looked to kick off a franchise that exists adjacent to the main timeline, but the long-rumored female-driven spinoff is still in the works according to Vin Diesel, while Ryan Reynolds might be getting in on the action once more by taking a much bigger role in the future. Even Gal Gadot is slated to return and headline a solo outing of her own despite being dead. After all, that hasn’t stopped Han.

The point is, once the tenth movie wraps up, there’s no chance of the Fast & Furious family disappearing entirely, and we’ve now heard that the studio are planning on killing off a major character to put the exclamation point on movie number ten being the end of the road for the original crew.

According to our intel – which comes from the same sources that told us Han will be returning in F9, John Cena is playing Dom’s brother and that Ryan Reynolds had a cameo in Hobbs & Shaw, all of which were correct – Universal are planning on ending Fast & Furious 10 with the death of Dominic Toretto. It’s unclear exactly how this will happen, but we’re told that right now, the plan is to have him die.

Though Vin Diesel may be the leading man, producer and creative driving force behind the whole operation, Hobbs & Shaw has already shown that the series can thrive without him. As such, if the studio are intent on ending The Fast Saga on an even ten, then killing off the most important member of the family would certainly do the trick.

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