Final Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Clips Prep You For Zack Snyder’s Imminent Showdown


Warner Bros. (via JoBlo) has pumped out the final batch of clips for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, prepping you for the imminent arrival of Zack Snyder’s titanic superhero blockbuster.

From Jesse Eisenberg spitting sociopathic ramblings to Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel – stoking the fires of war in the process – to a scene involving Amy Adams’ Lois Lane, the Daily Planet’s own intrepid report, today’s selection of footage runs the gauntlet. They’re all embedded above and below, though we’d advise against pouring over each and every one lest there be no secrets left by the time Friday rolls around.


Because that’s when Dawn of Justice drops, March 25, and with it comes the defining second step of Warner’s DC Extended Universe. Shackled with an almost unprecedented level of hype, it’s been suggested that the superhero showdown will need to pull in a worldwide box office figure north of $800 million if it is to carve out a profit for Warner.

For our money, the very title Batman V Superman is surely enough to get bums on seats, while the scores of easter eggs, fan service and cameo appearances peppered throughout Snyder’s feature ought to pique the curiosity of ardent comic book fans – whether they’re a fan of the budding DCEU or not.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice descends on theaters on Friday, March 25. Keep your eyes trained on We Got This Covered in the coming days when our own verdict of Snyder’s franchise-starter will go live.