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First look at Nicolas Cage’s Dracula in ‘Renfield’ is as bonkers as you’d expect

The first set photos of Nicolas Cage playing Dracula in 'Renfield' have been revealed, and it looks utterly bananas.

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Image via Lionsgate

Nicolas Cage has been on a roll recently, with intimate independent drama Pig winning rave reviews, to the extent that it went down in the history books as the highest-rated movie of his entire career on Rotten Tomatoes.

However, he only went and topped it with upcoming self-aware action comedy The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, which is still sitting pretty on a 100% score. Next up for the resurgent actor is perhaps the most exciting role he’s ever tackled, with shooting now underway on black comedy horror Renfield, where Cage plays Dracula.

The Academy Award winner has teased some wild and weird inspirations for his unique spin on the world’s most iconic vampire, but the first set photos have now made their way online, and you won’t believe your eyes. Check them out below, and brace yourself for an incredibly bizarre-looking Vlad the Impaler, albeit one that’s perfectly on-brand for Cage.

Nicholas Hoult might be the one playing the title role of Dracula’s put-upon familiar, but from the second Cage was announced to be playing the part, he instantly became the major selling point of The Tomorrow War director Chris McKay’s next feature.

It’s everything you could possible want and then some, and it only makes us that much more excited to see how he’s planning to pitch and execute a performance that’s guaranteed to be a demented, delirious delight. Renfield comes to theaters on April 14 of next year, but that date can’t come soon enough now our appetites have been whetted.

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