Messing With The Timelines: Is The Flash Film Still Necessary?


One of the biggest talking points of the DCEU has been the inclusion of the Flash. Many fans were outraged that Grant Gustin wasn’t given a chance to reprise his role on the big screen, while others bemoaned the costume choice for Ezra Miller’s Injustice-inspired Scarlet Speedster. It’s turned into a bit of a ‘Twar,’ with various fans coming to the defense of both actors and boldly declaring who’s really the true Flash.

Regardless, the DCEU’s choice is what it is, and the iconic hero is now scheduled to appear in his own solo film. However, we have to ask ourselves: do we really need it?

It’s Already In Trouble


With a release date of 2018, time is certainly against the filmmakers. Two directors have come and gone and the script is receiving a page one rewrite. That sure doesn’t sound like a lot of time to pull off a production of this magnitude, does it? While it’s more than likely the release date will be pushed out, there shouldn’t be a rush at all.

It’s no secret that the DCEU’s future rests on the successes of Wonder Woman and Justice League. If these films don’t perform as well as DC and Warner Bros. anticipate, changes will have to take place. With so much at stake, it doesn’t make sense to invest time, effort and money into a film that may not even see the light of day. Does it?