The Flash Director Reveals New Look At Barry’s Revamped Costume

The Flash

Director Andy Muschietti has revealed a fresh glimpse at Ezra Miller’s revamped costume in The Flash movie. The Scarlet Speedster’s armor-plated look in previous DCEU pics was always divisive, so it’s no surprise that Muschietti and his team have decided to design Miller’s Barry Allen a brand new super suit for his first solo film. And, from what we can see, it will be much more in line with his classic comic book apparel.

Following his mind-blowing tease of Michael Keaton’s Batman suit, Muschietti is continuing to give us hints of The Flash‘s superhero costumes by sharing another image focusing on a chest emblem. In this case, the filmmaker has revealed the speedster’s new-look lightning bolt. Previously, Miller’s costume featured the insignia against a darkened, hexagonal shape. This revamped suit, meanwhile, thankfully restores the classic white background with a golden border.

See for yourself below:

As for what we can glimpse of the rest of the uniform, it appears to be a much more vibrant red as well as one complete piece, though it’s still metallic, rather than being made up of different parts bolted together. That innovation wasn’t something that most fans really took to, so Muschietti probably made the right move in returning to the character’s sleek bodysuit. Depending on how the full thing looks, there’s a good chance this could be the best Flash suit we’ve ever had in live-action.

If Muschietti continues on like this, hopefully he’ll soon unveil our first glimpse at Sasha Calle’s Supergirl suit by showcasing her version of the S symbol. And maybe he’ll also do the same for Reverse-Flash, who’s fully believed to serve as the main villain of the piece. Ben Affleck is also due to appear, of course, but beyond that, no on else has been confirmed as yet. Though with the multiversal nature of the flick, the possibilities are endless.

The Flash movie is on course to sprint into theaters on November 4th, 2022.