The Flash Movie Will Reportedly Introduce A Female Joker


As DC fans know well, The Flash movie’s had a rocky road on its way to the screen. Back in 2017, it was announced that it would serve as an adaptation of the Flashpoint comic book event. However, this idea went out the window when Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley came aboard to direct. When they left and It’s Andy Muschietti took over, though, the concept came back into play and since then, the filmmaker has promised that his movie will offer “a different version of Flashpoint.”

Still, there’ve been whispers that there will be various familiar elements from the source material in the movie. For instance, we’ve previously reported that an alternate Aquaman and Wonder Woman could engage in a battle and now, our sources – the same ones who told us Black Adam would appear in Shazam! 3, something later confirmed by Zachary Levi, and that a Green Lantern show was coming to HBO Max – have provided us with another update.

From what we understand, The Flash will introduce a female Joker into the DCEU and those who’ve read Flashpoint will no doubt be familiar with this twist. You see, in the Flashpoint timeline, young Bruce Wayne was killed by Joe Chill, causing his parents to go down very different paths. While Thomas Wayne became the violent vigilante Batman, Martha Wayne’s psyche broke over the loss of her son and she became the Joker.

In the old DCEU, this role presumably would’ve been played by Batman V Superman‘s Lauren Cohan, but there doesn’t seem to be any chance of her coming back. Instead, we’re hearing that Maggie Gyllenhaal is one actress being eyed for the part. This would be a neat bit of casting, too, considering that Gyllenhaal was once terrorized by the Joker herself as Rachel Dawes in The Dark Knight. 

In any case, we’ve seen a lot of different takes on Mr. J in the movies over the years, so it’s probably time that an actress got to fill the role. Tell us, though, would you be interested in seeing the Martha Joker in The Flash movie? Share your opinion in the comments section down below.