A Forgotten Thriller Has Been Dominating Netflix All Month

Double Jeopardy

Ever since Netflix added its Top 10 lists back in February, it’s been interesting to see what subscribers are currently enamored with. The platform certainly has no shortage of top-tier movies that were wildly popular upon release and have garnered tons of critical acclaim, but still, the Top 10 list is commonly occupied by films that were panned by critics. That’s exactly the case with one old flick that no one expected to see on the list, yet it’s been there almost all month now.

Double Jeopardy is an often forgotten movie that released in 1999 to largely poor reception. Directed by Bruce Beresford, this neo-noir crime thriller follows a woman who is wrongfully accused of murdering her missing husband and is subsequently imprisoned. Years later, she’s paroled to a halfway house where she ultimately escapes and begins a quest to track down her husband who she’s since realized framed her for the murder. The film stars Tommy Lee Jones, Ashley Judd and Bruce Greenwood, and though they all turn in solid performances, critics have largely agreed that the experience is simply unremarkable.

Still, Double Jeopardy has had no problem ranking in the Top 10 Movies list for almost the entirety of July, and it doesn’t look likely to be bumped out for at least another few days or so. At this point, it could even stay there all month. Stranger things have happened after all.

Double Jeopardy

Here’s how the full Top 10 Movies list looks right now:

1. The Lorax
2. Only
3. Desperados
4. I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry
5. Patriots Day
6. The Town
7. Double Jeopardy
8. Kangaroo Jack
9. Elf
10. 365 Days

Needless to say, Double Jeopardy isn’t for everyone, and if it doesn’t sound like an interesting watch to you, you can always head through here to check out some of the other stuff that’ll be coming to Netflix throughout the remainder of July. Also, be sure to stay tuned for further updates on what you can expect to see on the service in the coming months.