Will We See A Fourth Trailer For The Amazing Spider-Man?

The third trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man was admittedly pretty awesome and most people thought that it was the film’s last. Three trailers is pretty standard for a major release like this and it would be perfectly normal if Sony stopped at this point.

That being said, we may be getting one more. Comic Book Movie is reporting that the studio may have another trailer in store for us and it may be attached to Men In Black 3 when it opens on May 25th.

The image below is from the Government of Alberta’s website. It shows the two trailers that will play in front of Men In Black 3. First is the Skyfall trailer, which we already knew about. But there’s also a fourth trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man. While it could be a mistake, if you look closely, it lists a different length than the third trailer, which means that this could either be just a different cut of trailer three, or an actual fourth trailer.

So, is Sony planning to release one last trailer to take everyone’s minds off The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises? Who knows, but on May 25th we’ll find out!