Franchise Fever: Your Complete Guide To The Sequels, Reboots And Franchise Hopefuls Of 2015



They say originality is dead, and yet Hollywood studios continually find new ways to cash in on old stock. While critics bemoan the constant re-treading of old ground, the trend toward the sequel and the reboot is borne of caution on the part of both the studio and the audience. In these uncertain financial times, both the studio and the audience prefer to spend money on known quantities – the result of which is a release slate crammed with familiar titles.

2015 is a banner year for this trend, with release dates for no fewer than 23 sequels already announced, along with 8 franchise reboots, and 5 movies that hope to kick-start franchises – though none of them are original works. We’ve already seen Taken 3, The Woman In Black 2: Angel Of Death and [Rec] 4: Apocalypse be released, and it’s only February. Now, here is your complete guide to the rest of them – the sequels, reboots and franchise hopefuls of 2015.

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