Freddy Vs. Jason Almost Featured A Boxing Match In Hell With Ted Bundy And Hitler


Freddy vs. Jason had a long and tumultuous journey before hitting theaters in 2003, with the crossover project working its way through a variety of eccentric and ultimately discarded ideas, from a Jason Voorhees courtroom scene, to a cult of Freddy Krueger worshippers.

Another idea had this murderous pair fighting under the strangest of circumstances. Apparently, an early script saw Freddy and Jason duking it out in a boxing ring in Hell, but if that situation doesn’t sound crazy enough already, the referee was supposed to be real-life serial killer Ted Bundy and in the front row was none other than Adolf Hitler.

Regardless of how you think this particular idea would’ve turned out, part of you has to lament that some of these quirkier suggestions didn’t make the final film, given the relatively by-the-numbers slasher flick we got.

Fast-forward to 2018, and it’s been a while now since either of these horror movie icons have been seen in cinemas, though Robert Englund did make his first appearance as Krueger since Freddy vs. Jason in last month’s Halloween episode of The Goldbergs. What’s more, he and his co-star Heather Langenkamp have each said that they’d be open to doing another movie, suggesting the slight possibility of a big screen reunion in the vein of the new Halloween flick.

Meanwhile, though Friday the 13th has been the subject of an ongoing legal dispute, LeBron James and his SpringHill Entertainment company are reportedly in talks with Vertigo Entertainment to reboot the popular property. From the sound of things, we’ve still got a long wait ahead of us before either of these two horror icons return to theaters, but seeing how well Michael Myers’ comeback went down with audiences and critics, the demand is clearly out there for the resurrection of old slasher favorites, and you can bet that the studios are taking note.