First Frozen 2 Plot Details Reportedly Revealed


The first Frozen 2 trailer dropped more or less out of the blue earlier this month and dazzled viewers with its mix of vibrant and engrossingly moody visuals, quickly beating the all-time record for most-watched trailer for an animated movie. But while the two-minute preview offered plenty to please the eyes, it didn’t have nearly as much to bring us in the way of plot details.

Enter this recent report from the Fine Tooning podcast, which alleges some pretty big news about Anna and Elsa’s next adventure. According to bloggers Jim Hill and Drew Taylor (who have a noteworthy track record when it comes to Disney-related intel), the two heroines of 2013’s Frozen will be journeying beyond the land of Arendelle in order to find out what happened to their parents.

The mother and father of the saga’s central sisters feature only briefly in the first movie, before supposedly dying at sea during a storm in typical Disney fashion. If the new report has it right, then the dead parents trope might be one more cliché of the Mouse House that this series finds a way to subvert.

Incidentally, a Russia calendar released a couple of months ago had some vague details of its own to share about the upcoming flick, alleging that Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf will venture into a forest to learn the truth about an “ancient mystery of their kingdom.” From the sound of things, Frozen 2 could be delving not just into the story of Anna and Elsa’s parents, but the history of Arendelle itself. Either way, we’ll find out what the pair discover on their next journey when the film hits theaters on November 22nd, 2019.