New Photo And Plot Details Revealed For Frozen 2


While the previously rumored trailer for the upcoming Frozen 2 failed to drop last month, December did yield a surprising first look by way of a Russian calendar, which contained an image of Anna and Elsa against a new backdrop. What’s more, courtesy of Instagram user the.cursed.prince, we now have a better look at that same promo art, as well as some details on the long-awaited sequel’s plot.

The calendar image sees Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel’s characters in an autumnal setting, where the leaves have turned red and have started falling from the trees. According to the.cursed.prince, the calendar also came with a synopsis of the Frozen sequel, teasing that “Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and Olaf are going far in the forest to know the truth about some ancient mystery of their kingdom.”

So far, the promotion suggests a departure from the snowy landscapes that we’ve come to associate with the first movie, but when the name of your franchise is “Frozen” and one of your main characters is a snowman, it’s clear that you can’t stray too far from the cold imagery.

Speaking of Olaf, Josh Gad’s character can be viewed above in a second image shared by the.cursed.prince. For this new pic, Anna and Elsa are in the same pose witnessed in the previous artwork, but this time against a snowy backdrop. We wouldn’t read too much into this one, however, since it looks to have been taken from a larger image featuring various Disney characters (unless the aliens from Toy Story are due to show up in the next Frozen movie).

In any case, while we’ve still got a good few months to go before the sequel arrives, you can expect to see a whole lot of marketing in the meantime as Disney attempt to replicate the inescapability of the first movie. We’ll find out if the hype is worth it when Frozen 2 hits theaters on November 22nd, 2019.