Full Predictions For The 2013 Academy Awards

The 85th Academy Awards are being presented this Sunday night, and while we will have full coverage of the show and winners for you then, I thought it would be good to set the stage before the big event with my personal predictions for the awards.

The Oscars are, despite what some may tell you, always ridiculously easy to predict. Given some of the Best Director oddities and depth of this year’s nominees, this is a tougher year than others to call, but given the sheer number of guild and critic awards the precede the eventual Academy Awards, there is still plenty of evidence to make plenty of confident, informed predictions.

Apart from the shorts category, which I do not feel qualified to predict, I have included every award in this article, and most include some commentary on the logic behind my choice. I will be back on Sunday night to cover the main event, and we shall see then how I did. Feel free, of course, to offer your own predictions in the comments.

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