The 10 Funniest Females In Comedy



Jerry Lewis was a funny guy in his day. Never was he more hysterical though than when he declared that he felt that women aren’t very funny. Now, that has never been the case – as proven by the sterling work of such greats as Lucille Ball and Gilda Radner. But, what of today’s crop? With so much time having passed, surely such progress has been made in the field of feminism that funny females have greater access to the world’s stage? Surely, by now, we have so many that their number – and stature – is equal to that of their male counterparts?

There may not yet be a female in comedy with the box office stature of, say, Adam Sandler, but there are many on their way to filling that role, who will undoubtedly achieve it over the next few years – not least with a rumoured female-led Ghostbusters project in the offing. Make no mistake, the face of film comedy is changing, as more and more women are forging ahead in that arena, as well as heading that way through television success.

So let’s celebrate those women – the names that are making waves in cinematic comedy right now, and the names to look out for in the near future.

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