Future DC Movies May Skip Theaters And Go Straight To HBO Max

DCEU Movies

In May 2020, HBO is throwing its hat into the streaming market with HBO Max. The service comes with a hefty $15 per month subscription fee, with the idea being that the content available will be of such quality that viewers won’t be able to resist. We’ve already heard that some huge new DC shows are heading to HBO Max, too, with the highlight being the new live-action Green Lantern series, along with a number of classic DC movies, shows from DC Universe and the streaming debut of Joker, to name but a few.

But now, we’ve learned from our sources – the same ones who told us about that aforementioned Green Lantern show before it was officially announced – that some upcoming DCEU movies may skip theaters and premiere on HBO Max. The big name we’re hearing is that Booster Gold could be the first feature film release for the service. We were told earlier this year that the script was complete and was waiting to be greenlit by the studio. And given that Booster Gold isn’t a particularly well-known hero, it may make sense to introduce him to audiences as part of a streaming package.

Other upcoming projects that may find their way to the service are Aquaman spinoff The Trench, described as a “modestly-budgeted” horror movie, Nightwing, which has been trapped in development hell for years and Blue Beetle, who’s of a similar level of fame to Booster Gold.

While exciting to hear, there is a downside to all this, and that’s the future of the DC Universe streaming service. Despite Warner Bros. claiming they have no plans to shutter it and that they have content lined up throughout 2020, I think its goose is cooked.

Even aside from the announcement that DC shows and movies will premiere elsewhere, I don’t think it’s got what it takes to compete in an extremely aggressive market. After all, the announcement that previously exclusive DC Universe shows like Doom Patrol are coming to HBO Max really puts the writing on the wall.