Gal Gadot Says Joss Whedon Threatened To Make Her Career Miserable


Gal Gadot has broken her silence about Joss Whedon’s abusive behavior on the set of Justice League. Last summer, Cyborg star Ray Fisher was the first to call out The Avengers director for his reprehensible actions during reshoots on the infamous DC movie, but since then a lot more has emerged about the filmmaker. It was previously reported, for instance, that Whedon once threatened to end Gadot’s career.

The Wonder Woman actress has now confirmed this herself in a new interview. Israeli network Channel 12 talked to Gadot and, according to the English translation, the star revealed that Whedon told her he would “make sure” her career “will be miserable” if she went against him. However, Gadot was able to shoot the director down right there, as she revealed that she “just took care of it on the spot.”

Gadot has said much the same in a statement that she released after the reports about her altercation with Whedon first came out. On that occasion, the star admitted that she “had issues” with the disgraced writer/director and she responded by taking the problem up the ladder to Warner Bros. who, she noted, “handled it in a timely manner.” We can assume that this means Whedon was reprimanded for his behavior and didn’t try to bully the actress again.

THR, who originally blew the whistle on the director’s clash with Gadot, reported that she had raised some issues with the dialogue he had written for Diana in his version of the film. Whedon is said to have dismissed her opinions and gotten furious, resulting in him threatening her career unless she went along with what he’d scripted.

Needless to say, these threats came to nothing. Gal Gadot remains one of the busiest stars in Hollywood, with her many upcoming projects including Red Notice, Death on the Nile and Cleopatra. Meanwhile, Warner Bros. has cut ties with Joss Whedon after removing him as showrunner on The Nevers, which is currently airing on HBO.