Gal Gadot Reportedly Worried That She’ll Be Cancelled Like Gina Carano


Following the online discussion about Gal Gadot over the past week has been an education in how quickly the internet can turn on you. First of all, the Wonder Woman star received an outpouring of support after she addressed how Joss Whedon made threats against her career on the set of Justice League. A few days later, however, she became Twitter Enemy No. 1 following her response to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Though Gadot’s message reacting to the current crisis called for peace on both sides, it became the focal point of a lot of intense anger from social media users who thought the Israeli actress should have admonished her country’s role in the escalation of hostilities. Gadot’s own military history – she served two years in the Israel Defense Forces – also came back into the conversation, with many branding her a “Zionist” and saying she’s aiding in the “violence against Palestinians.”

This is a sharp turn in the public opinion surrounding the actress, who’s risen up over the past few years to become one of the most popular stars in Hollywood. It’s no wonder, then, that a new rumor points to Gadot being worried about how the controversy could affect her career. Insider Daniel Richtman has shared that the Wonder Woman actress is concerned that she’s going to end up “cancelled” like Gina Carano.

Of course, Carano is currently the poster child for what can happen once social media turns on a person, with the star being dropped by Disney and her reps after she likewise shared an inflammatory post of a political nature – the context and meaning of the two actress’ controversial posts are wildly different, but the backlash against them is of a similar size. So far, Gadot has laid low online, only deactivating the comments to her response and is likely waiting for the storm to blow over.

As things stand, though, Gal Gadot remains incredibly busy in the industry, with her multiple upcoming projects including action blockbuster Red Notice, the in-development Cleopatra biopic and spy thriller Heart of Stone.

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