Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince Could Be Replaced By Brazilian Wonder Woman


Thanks to her role as the DCEU’s Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot is now firmly established as one of the biggest and highest-paid female stars in Hollywood, using her increased clout to have a much larger say in the creative process of her output.

She was listed as a producer on Wonder Woman 1984 and worked closely with director Patty Jenkins during the development of it, a collaborative partnership that’s set to extend to her third solo outing as the hero, which was fast-tracked just days after the sequel arrived simultaneously in theaters and on HBO Max.

Gadot is also producing and starring in Netflix’s spy thriller Heart of Stone, which is being designed with an eye to launching a multi-film franchise, while she’s additionally pulling double duty on high concept sci-fi romance Meet Me in Another Life as well, and that’s without even mentioning the Cleopatra project she’s brainstorming with Jenkins.

Of course, the 36 year-old has already hinted that Wonder Woman 3 will bring closure to her arc as Diana Prince, and a recent rumor claimed that The Flash will be introducing another version of the Amazonian played by somebody else. While the story hasn’t come close to being confirmed, a follow-up report has now put forth a viable contender to assume the lasso.

In the comic books, the Brazilian Wonder Woman Yara Flor hails from the year 2030, and a combination of The Flash introducing both time travel and the multiverse, coupled with Warner Bros.’ desire to move as far away from the SnyderVerse as possible, means that it’s certainly not the most far-fetched proposition we’ve ever heard should Gadot’s third standalone blockbuster mark the end of the line for her tenure as the iconic superhero.