Gallery: 14 Movies From 2014 That Make Awesome Double Features

For those who love: action movies with style to spare. (Point+Shoot)^2 is a formula that anyone can use to film a gunfight, but it takes real talent to turn blunt action into kinetic poetry. Even more challenging is building a whole film around said action that holds your attention when the fists and lead aren’t flying. With its seductive electronic score and open-arm appreciation for the work of John Carpenter, The Guest flits between genres and decades as smoothly as David, the hunky stranger rippling with abs and secrets, works his way into an unassuming Midwest community. By contrast, the dapper John Wick is the closest thing to “normal” in a New York underworld populated by ridiculous gangsters and quirky assassins. What Wick and David have in common is that they’re both ass-kickers of the highest caliber, and each embodies a world or aesthetic that will make an indelible impression on any viewer jaded enough to think they’ve seen all that the action genre has to offer.