Geek Out: Supergirl Gets Some Help, New Rogue One Trailer Imminent


Welcome to the very first episode of our new, weekly video show: Geek Out. We all know how busy the work week can be, and in the increasingly crowded space of comic book movies and the like, there seems to be a never ending stream of news flowing out on a day to day basis. Casting this, trailer that, rumor here, speculation there – it really does never end and can get very tiresome trying to keep up with it all.

Enter Geek Out, a quick, easy to digest recap video that’s here to fill you in on all the major news stories that had us geeking out this week. We’ve taken the most important, exciting and buzz-worthy stories and compiled them into a video web show for you, making it easy to catch up on anything you’ve missed.

On this episode, we discuss the following:

You can check in all out in the player above and once you’ve done so, be sure to comment below letting us know what you liked/disliked about our very first episode of Geek Out.