General Zod Reportedly Set To Appear In The Flash

General Zod

One of DC’s biggest upcoming films is The Flash, which is the first solo outing for the hero, be it not so solo. To date, we’ve had plenty of reports, rumors, and other information shared regarding which characters may show up in the film, but according to a recent report, there could be another familiar DCEU alumni making their return.

According to a report by Giant Freakin Robot, Superman villain General Zod is making a comeback in The Flash. There were no further details shared to the outlet regarding his role in the film, or what an appearance will look like given the circumstances of the character.

Previously, Michael Shannon’s General Zod was bought back by Lex Luthor in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, however, being this was through Lex Luthor’s blood he quickly became Doomsday who was also killed at the conclusion of the film.

This opens up plenty of questions regarding what a return of Zod would look like, however, The Flash is set to adapt the Flashpoint story from the comics which features time travel prevalently. We already know this will be used to bring back Michael Keaton’s Batman, alongside the current Ben Affleck Batman. But it could also be used to bring back Zod in his true form from Man of Steel, rather than Doomsday.

Right now this is all the information available on this potential cameo, however, as the film’s release moves closer we’ll likely learn more details. The Flash is currently slated to hit theatres in late 2022.