George Lucas Rumored To Be Taking Back Creative Control Of Star Wars

Image via Walt Disney / Lucasfilm

The fact of the matter is that if George Lucas wanted to remain in control of Star Wars and keep churning out sequels of his own, then he’d have never sold his company to Disney for over $4 billion close to a decade ago. However, the decidedly polarizing reactions to the Mouse House’s time at the helm of the franchise have led to a slew of speculation that the bearded plaid enthusiast is poised to ride to the rescue of a galaxy far, far away and wrestle back control from the Palpatine-like figure that is Kathleen Kennedy.

That’s pretty much exactly what the latest rumor is claiming, with a couple of outlets reporting that Lucas is determined to bankroll the third trilogy he envisioned in his mind before selling Lucasfilm to the Mouse House, of which many plot and character details have been revealed in the years since. Of course, we should point out that the main ‘source’ of this intel is the often unreliable Doomcock, who very evidently harbors an intensely personal grudge against Kennedy’s handling of Star Wars and the Sequel Trilogy in general.

Looking at the cold hard truth, it would also be very difficult, if not outright impossible for Lucas to regain creative control over the property. For one thing, he doesn’t own it and he’s not technically under contract with either the studio or production company, although he does drop by the various sets from time to time to check in, offer sagely advice and occasionally give Dave Filoni a hard time.

He could always try and buy Star Wars back, but you can guarantee that Disney would never sell, and newly-installed CEO Bob Chapek also made it perfectly clear that Kennedy will be steering the Lucasfilm ship for the foreseeable future.