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Gets into the life story of Yoda, new ‘Star Wars’ comic series does

The Grand Master is returning for another set of epic adventures.

Image via Lucasfilm

Now knowing what Ben Kenobi got up to in his exile years, thanks to Obi-Wan Kenobi on Disney Plus, we can’t help but wonder if Yoda also had any adventures of his own in the 20 years between Revenge of the Sith and The Empire Strikes Back. Marvel Comics has just announced a new Star Wars series that will attempt to answer that very question, though not in the way you’d imagine.

Star Wars: Yoda will be a 10-issue comic story centering around Yoda and his time reflecting on past mistakes before the events of the original trilogy. The narrative will be divided into three story arcs, the first of which actually takes place in the High Republic era.

Due to other media revolving around that period, we already know Master Yoda was a powerful figure at the height of Jedi influence, so it only makes sense that the former Grand Master begins his contemplation by going back all the way to the glorious days of the High Republic.

Here’s a first look at the art style from the upcoming Marvel comic, showing Yoda deflecting blaster shots with his iconic green lightsaber.

The first arc will be written by Cavan Scott and sketched by Nico Leon, while Marc Guggenheim and artists Luke Ross and Alessandro Miracolo will take over to delve into the history of the Clone Wars.

Addressing this announcement in an interview, here’s what Scott told the official Star Wars website.

“I’ve been lucky to write Yoda in various projects over the last few years, most notably in Dooku: Jedi Lost, and every time I write him my love for him deepens,” he said. “It’s fair to say that my study at home is a shrine for three Star Wars icons: there are a lot of Obi-Wan figures; many, many, many, MANY pieces of Ewok merchandise (do I love those murder-bears more than the Lepi? Don’t tell Jaxxon, but there’s every chance!) And then there is Yoda. The little guy is everywhere, in models, in art, and in lots of LEGO. Yoda casts a long shadow over anything he appears in, and writing him is a privilege and a responsibility I take seriously.”

The first issue of Star Wars: Yoda will release this October.

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