Ghost Rider Rumored To Team Up With Blade And The Punisher In The MCU


It’s been eight years since Marvel Studios reacquired the rights to Ghost Rider, but the rumor mill surrounding the Spirit of Vengeance has exploded into life over the last year or so. Countless reports have been claiming that the character will be getting rebooted as the star of a solo movie, an episodic series, or as part of the Midnight Sons, to name just a few of the many lines of inquiry.

The latest comes from tipster Mikey Sutton, who doubles down on his belief that Ghost Rider will saddle up with a multitude of horror-influenced Marvel Comics favorites to form the Midnight Sons, which will venture into R-rated territory on Hulu. This is far from the first time we’ve heard something similar, but there’s an awful lot of definite articles in use for what’s very much a speculative story.

For one thing, Kevin Feige has explained why Deadpool 3 is the only Marvel Cinematic Universe project out of the two dozen in development that’s getting an R rating, and there’s been no indication that the company’s Chief Creative Officer has any plans to expand its lineup of shows onto Disney’s secondary streaming service.

Furthermore, the story names Ghost Rider, the Punisher, Helstrom, Elsa Bloodstone, Blade, and Moon Knight as members of the team. As things stand, though, only two of them are currently slated for their MCU debuts. Even then, Mahershala Ali’s reboot of the Daywalker isn’t expected to begin shooting until next year, while Oscar Isaac’s streaming series is currently in the early stages of production, and both will be rated PG-13. The Midnight Sons series is a solid idea that’s got a ton of potential to bring something completely new to the MCU, but it’s a long way away from being guaranteed to happen as an R-rated Hulu show.