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‘Ghostbusters’ team tease the franchise’s next steps after big news day

The bitter taste of the reboot is being washed away.

dan aykroyd ghostbusters

It’s been a big news day for fans of the Ghostbusters franchise, one that’s been a long time coming after those with a fondness for the supernatural comedy saga were left starved of content (that they didn’t actively despise) for the longest time.

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All it took was a spark, which came in the form of Jason Reitman getting into the family business by following in the footsteps of his late father Ivan. Not only did Ghostbusters: Afterlife do a decent turn at the pandemic-stricken box office to get a sequel green lit, but an animated series and feature film were both announced as part of Netflix Geeked Week.

It’s a great time to be a Ghostbusters supporter, then, and shortly after the news broke, Reitman spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about what comes next for a property that’s ignited into a state of rapid expansion.

“An animated series and an animated film will allow us to go deeper into places that Dan Aykroyd talked about when he first talked about Ghostbusters.”

The filmmaker’s creative collaborator Gil Kenan also opened up about the incoming streaming exclusives, teasing that it could be just the beginning of an entire interconnected cinematic universe spread across film and television.

“The animated film will take us to places that we’ve never been before. We love these characters, and we’re so excited to push the boundaries of what we think of as a Ghostbusters story. We will keep the flame burning bright with all these concepts, which will continue to grow what a Ghostbusters story can be.”

It’s full steam ahead for the paranormal investigators, with Reitman and Kenan making up for lost time by plunging a trio of brand new projects into development, with production company Ghost Corps finally beginning to justify its existence.