Gina Carano Flips Off The Internet During Filming Of Her Low-Budget Western

The trucker revenge movie that was to be Gina Carano’s comeback role has been kicked into the long grass, but filming has now begun on Terror on the Prairie. This will be Carano’s first performance since she sacrificed her multimillion-dollar paydays in a galaxy far, far, away in favor of posting anti-vax memes on Twitter.

Carano marked the occasion by posting an Instagram story of her and co-stars Tyler Fischer and Nick Searcy flipping off the camera, with Searchy reposting it on Twitter with the caption “Cancel this”.

Terror on the Prairie is about a “pioneering family that fights back against a gang of vicious outlaws that is terrorizing them on their newly built farm on the plains of Montana.” Given that this is produced by The Daily Wire, we can likely expect said ‘vicious outlaws’ to be a thinly veiled metaphor for fears about immigration, with Carano the bold individual standing her ground.

This could also be an interesting shoot. The original plan was to make White Knuckle first, though The Daily Wire had to rework their plans due to their opposition to the COVID vaccine. They describe their decision as “tough, but prudent”, are welcoming the unvaccinated and unmasked to the set, and given their general skepticism about COVID, I’m betting they won’t be doing much on-site testing.

So, if a member of the cast or crew tests positive, the virus could rip through this production like a tornado through a cornfield. I’m sure there are saner people involved worrying about this, but nobody wants to stick their head above the parapet on this and annoy their firmly anti-vax star.

Terror on the Prairie will be available exclusively to The Daily Wire subscribers in spring 2022.