Gina Carano’s Latest AntiVax Tweet Slapped With Misleading Information Warning

Gina Carano made her name in MMA, and it’s becoming clear she may have been hit in the head once too often. After being fired by Disney for comparing being conservative to being Jewish during the Holocaust, she’s been busy carving out a niche for herself as a cheerleader for COVID-19.

Among her pro-virus moves are repeatedly criticizing mask-wearing, saying that COVID passports are equivalent to forcing gay people to show ID during the HIV pandemic, and sharing memes that discourage people from getting vaccinated.

Her latest antivax tweet (which I won’t repost) claims that she knows someone who passed away as a direct result of being vaccinated, saying that the vaccine took out a healthy 56-year-old woman in three days. She goes on to say that the “Biden mandates are murdering these people”.

Twitter promptly slapped a misinformation warning on it, so if she keeps on posting like this (which she almost certainly will) she faces being banned from the platform altogether.

It’s worth pointing out why Carano’s tweets are so dangerous. The CDC reports that we’re now experiencing a “pandemic of the unvaccinated”. 25% of Americans have not received a single shot and those in this group now comprise 99% of COVID deaths.

If you think misinformation like this is harmless, take a trip over to the sobering r/HermainCainAward on Reddit and check out the countless stories of smug people reposting these exact kinds of antivax lies ending up dead from the virus.

Carano is also in danger of alienating her usual supporters. For example, Ben Shapiro has been on her side throughout her firing from Disney, but even he said “get the vaccine, dopes” in a tweet praising its efficacy.

For the sake of the few that still take her seriously, let’s hope that obscurity beckons for Gina Carano sooner rather than later.