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Gina Carano Mocked On Twitter After New Anti-Vax Tweet

Gina Carano is being widely mocked after sharing an inane anti-vax meme on Twitter, no doubt making Disney relieved that they fired her.

After being fired by Disney Gina Carano is fully embracing her new role as a right-wing conspiracy loon. Her latest is posting a South Park meme on Twitter that says getting the COVID-19 vaccination means losing your freedom, doubtless due to 5G signals/Bill Gates/the Illuminati/Insert your own crazy thing here.

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It goes without saying the COVID vaccine is a scientific miracle that’s already saved countless lives, but I guess a former MMA star whose job involved being repeatedly punched in the head knows better than the medical community. This is just the latest in Carano’s COVID delusions, which generally encompass the familiar and depressingly stupid guff about the pandemic being a lie to steal our freedoms.

Anyway, the internet has begun collectively mocking Carano, though in a subdued way that suggests even social media is getting tired of making fun of her:


Still, I can understand why Carano puts so much stock in the nebulous concept of ‘freedom’: after all, she sacrificed her career and millions of dollars for the freedom to post dumb stuff on the internet.

Since being fired the former The Mandalorian star has announced plans to make a “Star Wars-like” movie with Ben Shapiro designed to fight “leftist causes”, which might be her only option now that she’s blacklisted in Hollywood. But Carano yelling antivax nonsense may be a step too far even for Shapiro, who at least tries to maintain an aura of logical respectability and said “get the vaccine, dopes” in a tweet praising its efficacy.

Sadly for Gina Carano, it seems like it’s only a matter of time before she gets fully sucked down the QAnon hole and completely loses her mind. Perhaps someone should step in to help her. Eh, there are more important things to do.