6 Flaws To Correct For The Godzilla Sequels



Let’s get one thing straight – Gareth Edwards’ version of Godzilla is far from a bad movie. It’s actually a wholly worthwhile one that captures the essence of what a Godzilla film should be, unlike a certain piece of garbage from 1998. The destruction is off the charts as areas of Japan, Hawaii, Las Vegas, and San Francisco are all completely leveled; with the chaos elegantly shot from street-level camera-work that really puts into perspective just how large these creatures are and just how much damage they are inflicting. If you’re paying to see giant monsters smash our world into oblivion, then your ticket purchase will be justified.

That does not mean that Godzilla is a film devoid of any criticism, though, as it actually has its own fair share of flaws. Admittedly, they are nowhere near as deal-breaking as what we saw in the 1998 version, but they’re still a disheartening aspect of the film considering that a lot of the issues came across as things that would be common sense to avoid.

Perhaps what’s most surprising is that all of the trailers for Godzilla seemed intentionally crafted to make a point that this film wouldn’t fall into the traps of other efforts before it where the central characters are giant creatures who only serve one purpose – worldwide destruction. Whether it be a misleading trailer or a movie that failed to live up to the promising levels of hype, it doesn’t change the fact that Godzilla would have been a more entertaining film if these following issues were addressed more closely during production.

So, on that note, here are 6 flaws that Warner Bros. should seriously look into correcting for the upcoming sequels.

Of course, spoilers will follow.

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