New Godzilla Vs. Kong Concept Art Reveals Hollow Earth Creature

Godzilla vs. Kong

It was another good week for Godzilla vs. Kong at the box office, with the MonsterVerse blockbuster continuing to extend its lead as the highest-grossing Hollywood release of the COVID-19 era after spending a third weekend at the top of the domestic charts. Internationally, Adam Wingard’s creature feature is still playing like gangbusters, too, hauling in almost $180 million from China alone.

The clash of the Titans is currently sitting on a worldwide tally of $390 million, and in the coming days it’ll become just the second Stateside effort since the beginning of 2020 to cross $400 million globally, fifteen months after Bad Boys for Life hit the big screen. In fact, despite releasing simultaneously on HBO Max and arriving in cinemas smack dab in the midst of a global pandemic, Godzilla vs. Kong has now made more money during its theatrical run than Godzilla: King of the Monsters, so who knows how high it could have flown under normal circumstances?

It’s a foregone conclusion that the MonsterVerse is set to continue based on the numbers alone, and while Wingard might not be returning given that he has Face/Off 2 and ThunderCats on the horizon, the filmmaker’s admitted that he’d love to see the franchise head back to Hollow Earth. The fantastical midpoint sequence was one of Godzilla vs. Kong‘s highlights, and you can check out some concept art below that offers a much better look at what lurks just below the surface.

Legendary Pictures CEO Josh Grode revealed there are a number of ideas being discussed internally, and once the dust settles on Godzilla vs. Kong, we’ll more than likely be hearing about what the production company is cooking up next for the kaiju, and a return to Hollow Earth could well be on the cards.