Godzilla Vs. Kong Reportedly Coming To Home Video In July

Godzilla vs. Kong

We’re still over a month away from the release of Godzilla vs. Kong, but the fourth installment in Legendary and Warner Bros.’ MonsterVerse has reportedly already staked out a July debut on Blu-ray and DVD. The epic showdown between the two iconic title characters might be dropping on HBO Max the same day it lands on the big screen, but the platform’s potentially game-changing 2021 strategy still comes with the caveat that the movies will only be on streaming for a month before vanishing into ether.

That meant Wonder Woman 1984 scored the biggest streaming debut of last year as virtually every HBO Max subscriber watched the DCEU sequel as soon as possible, but it’s no longer part of the content library. Presumably, these titles will return at roughly the same time they roll out on home video, and based on the massive levels of hype surrounding the project, it feels as though everybody will have seen Godzilla vs. Kong by then.

The box office is in dire need of resuscitation, and hopefully Adam Wingard’s epic creature feature posts a strong showing when it stomps into theaters to kickstart the resurgence that we’ve been waiting on for almost a year. The industry might be in the doldrums, but it can’t be denied that Godzilla vs. Kong is exactly the sort of spectacle-driven epic that demands to be seen on the biggest screen possible.

Of course, safety always comes first, and a huge influx of new HBO Max customers could be enough to guarantee the MonsterVerse will continue, but after the various reports making the rounds that Legendary were seeking hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation for lost theatrical revenue, there’s clearly still an awful lot of money left on the table.