12 Great Actors Who Seem Like They Might Be Terrible People

So I have this theory. One way to be a great actor, even a brilliant one, is to be so insane and deluded that you actually believe yourself as a completely different person. When you believe yourself to be something, that’s how you present yourself to other people. And when actors believe themselves, that’s when they can make the part they’re playing truly real. Naturally, this is hugely advantageous for people who are actually crazy.

It’s not unusual to hear a story about some celebrity who is rude to their fans, or to their crew or director. A star with an ego is like foul-smelling gym clothes: it comes with the territory. And there’s something about pretending to be another person or many other people over the course of many years that has to have an effect on people. I can’t imagine anyone being perfectly adjusted as themselves very easily when they’ve lived that sort of life.

There are plenty of cases of great actors being difficult to work with, or just being insufferable in general. There are plenty that seem awful to me, and it’s usually perfectly ok because I don’t care for their work or find them particularly talented. I can ignore them in place of hating them. But what happens when you respect the hell out of someone’s work but still find them awful? It’s a conundrum. All we can do is shake our heads and try to forget who they are and what they’re like in real life as we consume their work like the selfish hypocrites we all are.

Here are 12 individuals who fit this mold: they are either nuts, insufferable, repugnant, or some glorious mix of many kinds of dreadful qualities—at least as far as one is able to know about public figures. The thing is, they’re also great actors, almost uniformly fabulous in virtually every film they make. Damn them all.

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  1. Alex Lowesays:

    I’ve actually heard Crowe isn’t all that bad of a guy. Man of Steel was partially filmed about 20 miles from the town I grew up in, and on a day off Crowe biked into town and sat down outside the public library with a book. From what I’ve heard he was very willing to speak to fans who recognized him and was a nice guy.

    Of course that’s just one example to contrast the ones you’ve listed. Maybe he was just in a great mood that day.

    1. Lev186211says:

      My aunty told me about my married-in uncle’s actor brother (not a star) who met Russell Crowe at a party after an awards night and wouldn’t even shake his hand after being told how much he admired Russell, saying “who the f*ck are you?”

      Yeah, the man has real class. What a dog. We gave him back to NZ anyway, they can keep him.

  2. Michael Xaviersays:

    No way Eastwood was being a jerk over the Spike Lee issue. Lee attacked Eastwood’s Flags of Our Fathers/Letters from Iwo Jima because he said there were no African American soldiers in the films. Eastwood responded appropriately: Lee needs to shut his mouth, watch the films (which do have African American soldiers in them), and learn his history — because the military was segregated, no black soldiers fought as front-line soldiers in the major Iwo Jima battles, hence why they aren’t prominent in the movies. Eastwood just happened to punctuate it with a solid “Spike Lee should shut his face” for good measure.

    In the end, it just seemed like Lee was trying to get a controversy to promote his own World War II film, Miracle at St. Anna (which was nowhere as good as either of Eastwood’s movies). I don’t blame Eastwood for responding to Lee, and if anyone Lee was being the “Terrible Person” in the situation.

    1. Amen to that, obviously the author here is a whining programmed Obozo following libtard.

      1. Eustace Cromartiesays:

        Obviously you know nothing about Clint Eastwood’s politics. He supports almost everything Obama and the Democrats stand for but he still somehow claims to be a republican and supports their candidates. That is why he is a laughing stock when it comes to politics. He backed Obama on gay marriage just yesterday. http://abcnews.go.com/WNT/video/clint-eastwood-backs-president-obama-gay-marriage-18623667

      2. glensays:

        He is a libertarian leaning republican. Kind of in the same zone as Ron Paul — he criticized Nixon, vietnam, the USA being global policeman, etc. You don’t HAVE to be either super right wing republican or super left wing democrat.

      3. Eustace Cromartiesays:

        He agrees with the liberal Democrats on 100% of the major issues! He is only a republican/libertarian in name. He is far left and has been since the 70’s. No he is nothing like that idiot Ron Paul. Eastwood is not for repealing the civil rights act like Paul and Eastwood is clearly not a ignorant racist like Paul. And don’t give me the Paul is not racist BS he made over $1,000,000 dollars over a 20 year period with his racist newsletter and claims to have no knowledge of the racism. Either he is a moron or a racist but I am sure he is both. He say he thinks it should be illegal to discriminate on minorities but “No one would do it in this day it age.” But yet he wants to make it legal to have that option. As I said before Eastwood is a hard left democrat in heart but call himself a republican because old habits die hard!

      4. yeah a laughingstock just because he is an independent thinker who doesn’t believe he has to toe the party line on every issue. How are we ever going to get anywhere with people like that?

      5. Eustace Cromartiesays:

        No he is a laughing stock because he agrees with the liberal Democrats on 100% of the major issues! He is only a republican/libertarian in name. He is far left and has been since the 70’s.

      6. Guestsays:

        He said hes conservative on fiscal issues (that means money, liberals), and liberal on social issues. Yes, a guy who agrees with democrats 100% of the time would give a huge speech at the REPUBLICAN national convention. Get over yourselves and learn the facts. And stop screaming racism everytime you dont agree with someone. I can’t stand Joe Biden, Nanvy Pelosi, or Harry Reid either, which race are they again?

      7. Eustace Cromartiesays:

        Maybe you should improve your reading skills and critical thinking skills. Are you slow? I will repeat it for you. Despite what Clint says he has always agreed with the democratic platform. Why did he speak (embarrass himself ) at the Republican national convention? Because he has called himself a republican for his whole life even the last 30 year when he views became the opposite of his so called party. These my friend are the facts. Why did you bring up race, because I mention Paul? What did me mentioning Paul have to do with the rest of the discussion? I repeat are you slow? At no point did I imply anyone was racist but Ron Paul and there is plenty of proof of that. So your “Get over yourselves and learn the facts. And stop screaming racism everytime you dont agree with someone.” comments shows you can not follow a simple conversion. Maybe that is why you don’t understand.

      8. alen colmessays:

        He said hes conservative on fiscal issues (that means money, liberals),
        and liberal on social issues. Yes, a guy who agrees with democrats 100%
        of the time would give a huge speech at the REPUBLICAN national
        convention. Get over yourselves and learn the facts. And stop screaming
        racism everytime you dont agree with someone. I can’t stand Joe Biden,
        Nancy Pelosi, or Harry Reid either, which race are they again? I can’t stand their policies, I could give a crap what color they are.

      9. Iam_Sparticussays:

        Sorry Useless, doesn’t work. Clint has always been socially liberal but fiscally conservative, like Ahnold.
        You come at me with just one issue and believe me, he does not support EVERYTHING with Obozo, especially Obamacare. Obama couldn’t run a lemonade stand much less a country. Community organizers don’t know squat about economics. Goodnight, time for a cocktail! 🙂

      10. Kennysays:

        You run for president. You would run the country into the ground. I get people are assh0les…But, then again, these comments you make make you out to be just like the people you dispise. You know what too…good for Clint. I would have paid to see Clint tell Spike Lee off…Go Clint!

      11. just sayin'says:

        ….because saying things like “Obozo” and “libtard” makes it seem like you’ve thought things through very deliberately and aren’t at all being influenced by, I don’t know, propaganda or hate rhetoric. Such erudite discourse, it brings a tear to the eye.

      12. Douglas Greensays:

        If the author is an “Obozo following libtard” how do you explain Alec Baldwin and Sean Penn making the list?

    2. Eustace Cromartiesays:

      That is funny because Lee had not even made Miracle at St. Anna when he made those comments. He made that movie in response to Eastwood’s films. Lee shared his opinion the same thing Eastwood does all the time the only reason people got made is because it was about race.

      1. Michael Xaviersays:

        That’s incorrect — Miracle at St. Anna was definitely in production. He made those comments at Cannes 2008 (May) and Miracle at St. Anna came out in September 2008, so he was obviously well into making the film and probably figured a manufactured controversy would help promote his bad movie. Eastwood’s movie was already two years old, so why else would Lee talk about it except to get his name in the news?

        Lee was sharing his opinion, but he had no factual basis for the opinion, race-related or not. He’s free to criticize Eastwood (as you are), but that shouldn’t make Eastwood a “terrible” person for defending his work with facts when Spike Lee’s criticism is completely factually incorrect. It’s especially insulting when he’s essentially calling Clint Eastwood racist, something no sane person would do considering all of the great roles for African Americans Eastwood has directed in his career.

      2. Eustace Cromartiesays:

        Well you know what that does not change the fact that Lee’s movie (which was not terrible) was made in response to Eastwood’s film. Thanks for pointing out that it was 2 years before because that supports my point. I didn’t write the article and I never said Lee was correct or Eastwood was wrong. I think most of the list is stupid and incorrect. Lee complains about everyone movies and he does not do it to be controversial, he does it because he thinks he is right. Most people pinions have nothing to do with facts and his comments did not imply that Eastwood was racist at all! Just like a said people make a big deal because it was about race. He said Eastwood should have had blacks in the film. Yes the Army was segregated but black soldiers played a supporting role that was not shown and did not need to be shown but Lee complains about everyone’s work not matter if they are black or white. Lee complains about black filmmakers and actors daily but no one seems to care at all.

      3. Olertsays:

        So just because there were black soldiers during WW2, Eastwood is obligated to shoehorn them into a movie that is about a unit of soldiers who were not black?

        Yes, people make a big deal when something is said about race if it is entirely wrong and stupid. Why? Because it gets in the way of discussing the real issues and problems related to racism.

      4. Tanis11says:

        You are exactly right…it had nothing to do with race….but Lee ALWAYS makes it about race. I respect the work both parties have done in the past but Lee is not a forward thinking individual in this matter and trying to make something out of nothing is where he gets annoying.

    3. Runnsays:

      I agree. People need to get over this race issue, especially Spike Lee! This is coming from a black man that is tired of the racism, stereo types etc..

      1. Eustace Cromartiesays:

        You being black does not make you the authority on racism. When racism is gone (which will never happen) then people will get over it.

      2. Runsays:

        I bet he isn’t even black!!! When have you ever heard a black man day that black people need to “get over it” [racism]?

        Even Morgan Freeman wouldn’t phrase it that way.

      3. Daniel Scrogginsays:

        Umm, I have heard alot of black folks who have said those things. So fuck off dude.

  3. Eustace Cromartiesays:

    I see you did not read Freeman’s full quote on race. He never said talking about race perpetuates racism. Find the full quote and find some truth. Make sure you have the actual facts next time. The fact that you even mentioned the ugly rumors made me stop reading and move on.

  4. Tykittaasays:

    The general idea of this article seems to be that eccentric = terrible, and I can’t get behind that. I know they aren’t actors, but when you say “terrible person,” I think of Roman Polanski and Victor Salva. Rapists are terrible people. People like Cage and Cruise are kind of nutty, but they’re hardly bad people.

    1. mikewest007says:

      Cage is kinky as fuck. He frequents S&M clubs, where he’s reportedly known as “Steve”, he likes redheads, but apart from that, he’s pretty normal.
      Mickey Rourke, on the other hand… Naaasty piece of work. He had that model/actress girlfriend back in the day, he hurt her badly.
      As for Cruise, him being the obnoxious $cientology poster boy he is is enough for me.

    2. Leon Evelakesays:

      Good Point why the heck isnt freaking Polanski on here.

  5. Kensays:

    I don’t know, I’ve wanted to hit Madonna in the head with a baseball bat for years now, and I’ve never even been in the same room with her, so I don’t know if I can fault a man for that…

  6. skunkybeaumontsays:

    Until today I thought I was the only one who remembered the Jolie-Thorton fiasco.

  7. Jacksays:

    There are so many things wrong with the Angelina Jolie page. How exactly do you complain about not being able to come up with more women for the list? Is it a bad thing that you can’t think of as many terrible women? And how exactly do you turn that(without any evidence whatsoever)into somehow being a man’s fault? For someone who is “trying really hard to not be sexist”, you’re not very good at it.

  8. Jacksays:

    Oh yeah, and YOU are the one who made this list so the fact that there are less women is COMPLETELY YOUR FAULT. Idiot….

  9. I have read all of the posts on the 12 Actors who seem like they are terrible people. I can assure you Robert Downey, Jr. is not. My late cousin was a character actor who met Mr. Downey in person. My cousin, who could “see through” all the Hollywood bullshit, assured me that Downey was the real thing and a very good person.

    1. Tykittaasays:

      Exactly. While I have not met him, the fact that Downey Jr. has been able to come out of such a sordid past and not only be even more successful than he was before, but look back at it with such grace and humor, makes him a wonderful human being in my book.

      1. Aye, it’s called “Redemption” XD

  10. Jeffsays:

    I agree with the list especially Russell Crowe and Alec Baldwin their like pigs among men but Mel Gibson and Nicholas Cage aren’t bad people they just get portrayed bad by media

    1. Nah, Russell Crowe doesn’t seem like a bad guy either, I’ve seen his interviews and he speaks like you’re average down to earth human being. Alec Baldwin though I think counts, that guy tries too hard, prompting something going on in his life. Then again, just bullshit speculation XD

  11. Michael Connollysays:

    These are a few thoughts of the author:

    -“yea Clint Eastwood is a terrible person cuz he has different political views than me!”

    -“shit I only have one woman, need to add Angelina Jolie, because she was married to BBT!”

    -“wow I have no black guys, and i heard Morgan Freeman f**ed his step-granddaughter or sum sh* so he is terrible to!

    -“Nicholas Cage has been a terrible actor for like 3 years now so that translates to terrible person!”

    1. Brian Davidssays:

      I agree with you Michael. I’d like to add the following thoughts.

      So Morgan Freeman is a bad person because he’s a black person not saying “let’s bash whitey”? And weird rumours with zero evidence shouldn’t be taken to be fact.

      So Anne Hathaway is bad because Darren didn’t like some of her characters in movies or plays?

      There are genuine terrible pople who should have made the list, one actor who thinks it’s funny to drop his pants on balconies to piss on those walking below could have made the list for starters.

      Darren’s list is just a fail.

      1. mikewest007says:

        Actually, Anne Hathaway is as fake as a wooden nickel. And as for Angelina Jolie, the fact she’s batshit crazy is common knowledge since the mid-nineties.

      2. Brian Davidssays:

        Quite possible, however the reasons given are a fail.

      3. mikewest007says:

        Yeah, I can agree with that. If the author regaled us with some stories of her fakery it would make much more sense. They can be found in certain places.

      4. Runsays:

        Funny, though…angelina Jolie is the type of star that would sleep with a random dude in a heartbeat. I have met her in real life, and she is extremely down-to-Earth and a huge flirt!

      5. mikewest007says:

        Yah, last time I heard saucy rumors about her, he was shacking with Billy Bob Thornton.

      6. Runsays:

        Met Angelina…nice, down-to-earth woman…truly

      7. Mz Black Widowsays:

        is the balcony rain man that twerp Bieber? I saw photos of him spitting on people the other day. Classy.

    2. mikewest007says:

      Seriously now, Eastwood? Eastwood may be getting kooky in his old age, but he has nothing on Gerard Butler in the department of being an insufferable douche. Try googling for the following phrase:

      “blind items revealed” “gerard butler” site:crazydaysandnights.net

      Jesus Christ On A Bicycle, that guy’s douchebaggery would make him a #3 on the list, right after Mel Gibson and Alec Baldwin. He could be placed lower only on a list of “The Worst Celebrity Douchebags”, period, as there are bigger wusses out there, they just can’t act.

    3. Matt Soileausays:

      When I got to Morgan Freeman’s entry, I was like “f*ck this.” Thanks for recapping so I didn’t have to waste my time…

    4. jake prestonsays:

      I stopped reading the list after the Clint paragraph

  12. Lev186211says:

    I mightn’t necessarily agree with the article in its entirety but I have to admit it is beautifully written. Well done.

  13. Adam Danielsays:

    Actually, I’ve met Morgan Freeman a few times in his hometown at his juke joint. I have gotten a chance to talk to him for a while and do a couple interviews with him. He’s a terribly nice guy and pretty down-to-earth.

  14. CageFreesays:

    Are you kidding me?! The Wicker Man with Cage was a shit movie! You’ve obviously never watched the original. The story line was gutted into a misogynist’s master piece. Oh yeah, amazing work. Barf. Cage couldn’t act himself out of a wet paper bag in the middle of monsoon season.

  15. The Passion of the Christ is a snuff film starring the son of God. How anyone could describe that movie as “amazing” or “beautiful” is far beyond me.

    1. Wolfbrother1983says:

      Well, considering the film’s events actually happened historically…

      It’s about the torture and execution of a guy named Jesus. I’d hope everyone knew what was coming before seeing the film.

  16. Treysays:

    This article is stupid. You put Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert Downey Jr. on here? Fuck you.

  17. I’m extremely pleased to uncover this site. I need to to thank you for ones time due to this wonderful read!!

    thanks for post this !

  18. mrearls7says:

    After reading this whole article, the one person I came out of it liking the least was the writer himself. Judging people because of the humanitarian work they do? You are the douchebag, Mr. Ruecker… That is all…

  19. Onesays:

    This article reads like it was written by someone who has never once spent a single moment in the presence of any of the people depicted here. It also reads like it was written by someone who DESPERATELY wants to meet and know those people but is, however, socially inept, tragically lonely and is in dire need of friends. Just an observation.

    1. Jacksays:

      Tom Cruise? Is that you writing this?

  20. Tom Cruise comes off as a nice guy. Not ‘terrible’ at all. If anything, he seems like a really GOOD person.

    Weird religion, yes….
    Terrible? NO.

    1. Mediocre actor.

  21. Clint Eastwood also doesn’t come off as ‘terrible’. He was wonderful at the RNC

  22. modest takersays:

    what, no Christian Bale?

  23. Joshsays:

    this article is crap. You shun one actor because he’s too conservative and another for being too liberal? I hate to hear what you have to say about NON celebrities

    1. JoshIsAnIdiotsays:

      The key is BALANCE, idiot.

    2. johnsays:

      yea what a bullshit article , theres good and bad everywhere , and so what if you think so n so is an arsehole …. its an irrelevance of opinion , and who cares a flying fuck anyway !!

  24. I’m not sure if you (the author) are horribly bad at your job, or you just don’t know what constitutes a terrible person. A person who abuses their spouse is terrible. A person who makes movies you don’t think have artistic merit is not. A person who steals from an orphanage is terrible. A person who donates ‘too much’ to charity is not.

    – Tom Cruise seems a bit odd, but coworkers love him, and he treats fans well. How does that equate with being terrible?

    -Morgan Freeman is terrible because he thinks a world where we don’t even recognize racial differences would be better than the world we’re in now? Oh and some guy somewhere intimated he may have had a kind of creepy relationship. Yep, definitely a terrible person.

    -Anne Hathaway is terrible because she annoys you. That logic appears to be sound. What are you, a high school student?

    -Clint Eastwood is terrible because he’s a republican.

    -Angelina Jolie is terrible because she likes helping people, and makes
    you feel like you aren’t doing enough? I am actually not a fan of hers,
    but your reasoning here is stupid. It’s like saying ‘I hate this lady
    because she reminds me I never donate to charity’.

    -Nic Cage is a terrible person because he lost most of his money in the real estate crash and now takes crappy films to pay the bills.

    -Leonardo DiCaprio is terrible because he only takes leading rolls. Oh the horror.

    I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt on Penn, Baldwin, Gibson, and Crowe, but even with them I think there are issues you don’t really address.

  25. dude RDJ was incredible in Tropic Thunder.

  26. Kyle Pearsonsays:

    Without a doubt, the most shallow, superficial, and stupid list one could have assembled on this subject.

  27. Wow. “Seems”? “Terrible”? Mel Gibson doesn’t “seem” “terrible,” HE IS TERRIBLE. (And incredibly tortured and troubled.) You have a lot of douches on the list. Hathaway is just annoying. I’m sure she’s a lovely person. The logic utilized to produce this article is beyond contradiction and suggests that writer was asked to create a piece based on the title used and this is what he came up with. Pretty transparent. But, I imagine that Darren has become numb to all of the negative comments by now.

  28. Vincentsays:

    After reading this article one person seems to be terrible. And stupid: Darren Ruecker. How could anyone write so shitty stuffs and let people read it? It’s not interesting, it’s totally stupid, it’s not well written. Pure garbage.

  29. Byronsays:

    The Author forgot George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Johna Hill, Johnny Depp, and Seth Rogan.

    1. And himself on the very top of the list!

    2. Lone Wolfsays:

      I’m curious. What makes you say all those people deserve to be on this list?

  30. Why is Tom Cruise a bad person? Because of cooks beliefs ? Oh,I see I think the real reason is he spoofed the fat Hollywood producer who is clearly Jewish. Yes you can do anything remotely critical of Jews. Horrible, horrible ,don’t you know Jews are saints!

    1. Seems like a decent enough person. But still he doesn’t belong on a list of great actors by any stretch. He’s a star, not an actor.

      1. I don’t think he is or any of them are. Not really but Cruise’s last three movies were solid. And that is why I like him. We are from the same generation and I really admire his physical fitness and determination. That is all I want from these actors anyway. If they make ” good” movies. By good I don’t mean Daniel Day Lewis good but what I like. I like Cage, no matter how bad the movie I enjoy him.

  31. You, author, are an idiot. Seriously, I mean, if RDJ, one of the most awesomest dudes around – is slated by you and apparently nobody else – for playing Tony Stark in several film, then why not just have a go at Daniel Radcliffe? He played Harry Potter in like 8 films, I mean, seriously BRANCH OUT (!) He plays Tony Stark because he basically is. Go look at his earlier rom-coms, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and even Sherlock 1 was an action mystery. Genre-wise he’s probably done all of them. Shut up, go do research.

    1. Lone Wolfsays:

      Yeah, and the author completely neglected the fact that RDJ did ‘The Soloist’ and was brilliant in Tropic friggin’ Thunder, movies he did in between the Iron Man & Sherlock Holmes franchises. Branch out, indeed. He was even nominated by the Academy and at the Globes for the Tropic Thunder performance (I think he lost out to Heath Ledger’s Joker).

    2. Daniel Scrogginsays:

      Natural born killers, he did a great job also.

  32. Terencesays:

    I don’t get how you can say DiCaprio is a bad guy because he is used a lot to market movies, i’m pretty sure he doesn’t insist on it. If you’re going to take that route to diss a person then you should put Will Smith on this list, he never took the role of Django in Django Unchained because the character was not the obvious lead and **SPOLERS** he didn’t get to kill Calvin Candie.
    Also, the charity work that he does is genuine, look at what the guy does (same for Sean Penn) before assuming he is making half assed efforts to appear kind for publicity.
    The only person who I can assume is a terrible person after reading this article is the author – you go out of your way to write an article about people who you think might be terrible people.

    1. di caprio is by no means a bad person. no one can b a bad person who flys to a small town in germany a cpl a times a year to spend time with his nan who buys strangers an icecream when he mets them at the streetcafe and they recognise him. who asks the local media to keep stumm about his nans funeral out of respect but lets them write something once the funeral was over with. the town i speak off is recklinghausen and my mum lives there.

  33. One problem. Tom Cruise is by no means a great actor.

  34. DUHHHsays:

    you forgot christian bale!

  35. Good idea for a story, but it could have used a better and more insightful writer.

  36. Beejsays:

    As an Australian I would like to happily remind people that Russell Crowe is actually a New Zealander

    1. This response right here was the funniest…..Like hey just poping by to let you guys know this.. Cheers…

  37. Texsays:

    How can you make a list like this and not include Jamie Foxx!? To me, Foxx is the quintessential Hollywood douche.

  38. BadCyborgsays:

    You left out a genuine a$$hole – Tommy Lee Jones. A good friend and former co-worker once noticed that Jones and some of his friends were sitting at a table my friend was also at. My friend – NOT a wealthy man by any means – who happened to be a fan of Jones’ work bought a pitcher of beer for the table as a gesture of respect and appreciation for Jones acting work. Jones took the pitcher over to where my friend was sitting (he asked the waiter who bought the beer) POURED IT OVER MY FRIEND’S HEAD and said something to the effect of “Do I look like somebody who needs the likes of YOU to buy him a beer?”.

    Total a$$hole that one. Darned good actor but a complete and total a$$hole.

  39. I agree, mostly, except for Robert Downey, Jr. Through all of his controversy in 90s and further, he seemed genuine and humbled by the experiences. I don’t think there is anything wrong with him taking roles that are similar, especially if they are working for him and keeping him out of trouble.

  40. senor boogie woogiesays:

    Oh no, no, no, no, no did you just call Eastwood a douche. That’s just un-American and wrong on every level. The man is one of the greatest actors ever, up there with Charlton Heston, Steve McQueen, Paul Newman and better than 90% of Hollywood today. Eastwood starred and/or directed in countless films over the decades which has done nothing but have provided great entertainment.

    The only thing I have against this great man was breaking up with Sondra Locke.

    1. ace13says:

      Charlton Heston was a horrible actor every single role he played was the same.

  41. senor boogie woogiesays:

    Alec Baldwin is basically why I avoided “30 Rock”. I did see one episode and just did not care for it. Tina Fey looks good, but the show was bad. I liked Alec less when that recording leaked of him berating his kid several years ago.

    Plus, I can’t stand people with goofy names and “Alec” qualifies. Makes me wonder how many times this douche corrected people rudely for calling him “Alex”.

  42. Mystic River? Meh. LOOK I AM BROODING AND STUFF. Robbins performance, however.

  43. budsays:

    weak article

  44. James A Dempseysays:

    Author is a douche. Period.

  45. RDJ has actually done a lot of work before the Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes productions, you know.

  46. marine43 .says:

    Well i guess since your a liberal…. You wouldn’t get Eastwood .Obama had a chance to actually help race relations in this country. But he has driven us way further apart. And a man who actually could DO ,what Obama claimed(Dr Ben Carson) the liberals “uncle tommed” . Morgan Freeman, who i love is way more racist than anyone i can think of. Maybe you just need to be honest about how racist the left actually is?

    1. How is Freeman racist?

  47. marine43 .says:

    Typical liberal. Maybe when you grow up, your views may also?

  48. marine43 .says:

    I saw a study a couple weeks ago, that said women who take birth control, prefer men with more “feminine” characteristics. That would explain alot about liberals v.s. traditional Catholics and other Christians. wHAT? Just sayin… hahaha

  49. crittabsays:

    Some of these make sense, and some are just bizarre. Leonardo Dicaprio and Angelina Jolie seem to be on the list solely because of their charity work. Anne Hathaway because she’s… what? Cheerful? Come on now.

  50. You call Mel Gibson racist but leave off Jamie Foxx and Samuel Jackson? Have you heard what Foxx has said just this year alone? He is the most racist man in Hollywood hands down. It seems you made this list in a hurry, had the people already picked out, then had to come of with reasons. Charity work, cheerfulness and playing a character in an incredibly successful series merits the title of a terrible person? I agree with Penn because of spousal abuse and Baldwin because of child abuse, which everyone can agree on are terrible person making qualities, but the rest are just your own personal politics and craziness. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t make them a terrible person. That is what is wrong with this country right now. Race is issue number one and if someone holds a different political ideology they are a bad person. That is asinine.

  51. jayman419says:

    The thing with Eastwood and the RNC … from what I heard he had a standard speech prepared, but he didn’t have his glasses with him. So since he couldn’t make out the teleprompter he improvised, and had them bring a chair on stage to adlib a few things he’d have liked to say to the President.

    I think if Clint had been able to prepare a little better, the results would have been slightly different. Not fundamentally different re: his political views, but more polished and coherent.

    Also, if you like Anne Hathaway but don’t like her sincerely insincere public persona, check out Anna Kendrick. All the talent, all the beauty, none of the “bursting at the seems with false confidence”.

  52. Pintosays:

    But Iron Man is Robert Downey Jr, or wait…

  53. liberaldouchebagsays:

    Yupical Douche bag Brainless liberal…..you suck as a writer find a new job LOSER

  54. liberaldouchebagsays:

    Yupical Douche bag Brainless liberal…..you suck as a writer find a new job LOSER

  55. a bsays:

    you put Morgan Freeman and Clint Eastwood on this list? maybe you just didn’t care for Million Dollar Baby. which is fine. but to suggest they might be bad people in real life, and defiantly calling Eastwood a douche with only evidence of his chair schtick, really makes YOU the douche

  56. NANCYsays:

    RJR is awesome. Alot of his performances through the years has been delivered with overconfidence and brashness that works for him. After years of bad publicity verging on charlie sheen like behavior he redeemed himself finally with ” Fur: an imaginary portrait of Diane Arbus”… the rest is history

  57. Luis Cordovasays:

    Whoopi Goldberg. Saw her for five seconds once. Was warned by one of her people. Arrives late, leaves early, doesn’t talk to anyone. That was actually putting it nicely. Didn’t care for Cameron Diaz much either.

  58. bobsays:

    you seem like an asshole yourself.

  59. Bobsays:

    Didn’t read all the comments, but aren’t you forgetting Christian Bale? The guy bullied a crew member ruthlessly and everyone forgot. He’s a douche.

    1. Lone Wolfsays:

      Nah, he was just having a really bad day, then he apologized to the guy and took him out to dinner and all was fine and dandy. As far as they were concerned, the issue was over. But then the audio got leaked, and he apologized to the guy AGAIN as well as to the public. Honestly, that’s the one single time I’ve heard something negative about Bale. He’s usually a pretty nice upstanding guy. But I guess that’s Hollywood. You screw up once, and all of a sudden you’re a douche forever. No I’m not Bale.

  60. Marksays:

    “might” be terrible people – “might” be aliens – if we really knew them. An entertaining piece – “might” be accurate. Probably not.

  61. Michael Harrissays:

    The person that wrote this article is a dreadful writer, and probably a complete bore as a person.I am betting they do not maintain much of a social life. They should break their pencil and begin working in landscaping immediately, because they have absolutely no taste or sense of humor, and are in possession of a complete lack of talent with the written word.

  62. mom90210says:

    You have unlimited room for comments but can’t get the story on one page. gmab

  63. Lane Meyersays:

    The writer of this article is an insufferable asshole. I especially take issue with your entry about Morgan Freeman. Maybe he’s forward thinking enough to realize there’s only one race on this planet and it’s called THE HUMAN RACE. Maybe he understands that setting aside an entire month to celebrate a trivial difference is in fact partly to blame for the problem. Maybe he’s just the sort of guy who looks at people and sees people. Not white people or black people, just people.

    Another thing: fuck you for this whole article. Go meet these people before you start judging them and what they ‘might’ or might not be. Dick.

  64. Jennifersays:

    Seriously, Passion of the Christ is anti-Semitic? Despicable themes?? Honey, that’s history: Jesus was executed by people who happened to be Jewish. Just like Pearl Harbor was bombed by Japanese, the Twin Towers by Muslims, the Native Americans killed by “Christian” Anglo-Saxons. Deal with it.

  65. Jennifersays:

    Oh yeah, and Hathaway should not have been included just because she’s annoying; I call buff on that. But Jolie? Yes, and why the two-paragraphs of justification for adding her? Come on. She is self-righteous, and it’s not her charity work: it’s her attitude, like seemingly taking Pitt by the crotch and having him announce snootily to the world that they are NOT eating turkey for Thanksgiving because they have issues with the imaginary abuse of Natives by the Pilgrims. But they do live on land that used to belong, specifically, to Native tribes. Go figure.

  66. William Whitesays:

    I loved the list and thought it was pretty well thought out the one point of issue I took was with Clint Eastwood and not because you think he’s a jerk but the only offered reason I saw was a difference in politics. The article is your opinion though so it’s fair game, I just thought it was funny that you’d throw him in there for politics and no other reason when you could have put Christian Bale in there instead, who’s freakin amazing but still managed to get charged for domestic abuse and did the whole dropping the F-bomb on some poor dolt who walked in front of him during filming.

  67. I like how the writer says “I’m not going to wring my hands with this one” as if he was held back on the other pages by some over abiding sense of fairness and taste. haha.

    The guy is entitled to his opinion, but man. How about taking some stock of your own judginess.

    Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.

  68. Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.

  69. Not to defend Gibson but he was going through a nasty divorce where his ex got him drunk and pushed his buttons and then hit the recorder. Good for her, I guess. But given that he is mentally unstable, I think that would earn some consideration as to what kind of person he normally is. Guy reaches out to addicts to help them. Saved Downy’s career. At least tried with Courtney Love.

    Anyway, good on the writer here for being a fool and getting readers with it.

    1. Michelle Kirkwoodsays:

      Pushed his buttons? The man’s been an alcoholic even before he did the first Mad Max film, so he’s ALWAYS had problems, and been crazy as hell—it’s just came out more—especially after he did that Jesus film. It seemed all the fame went to his head, and he started losing his damn mind,founded his own church, and started thinking he was a religious leader or something. His wife probably got sick and tired of dealing with his shit (especially after raising their 5 kids) and was like,after nearly 30 years of marriage, “Fuck it, I’m done with this shit.” It kills me how people make excuses for him—hopefully he finally got his shit together, with this racist ass.

  70. And of course people more successful than me are always terrible people.

  71. libertinesays:

    bit harsh on the old di caprio and rdj i reckon

  72. Fail Articlesays:

    How is Jack Nicholson not on this list?!?! I was waiting to read all the horrible stuff that would be said about him, but it never came. Where’s Charlie Sheen?! Why are Anne Hathaway and Morgan Freeman on this list?!?!? What a waste of my time.

  73. Grivessillussays:

    Most of them really are annoying and obnoxious. Some, not so. I cannot stand Angelina Jolie! She is a fake, stupid, worthy, sickeningly pretentious, poser. She’s not ever that talented! She nothing more than a cretinous, desperate, attention seeking, moron. If she can get attention with it, she will use anything possible! And do it in the most pretentious, sickening, egomanaic way possible. I also hate the talentless twit de caprio. He will NEVER convince as a lead, ever. And he does try to make films about him, not the story. And Morgan freeman is a unlikable twat. Nicholas cage, he seems a ok person.

  74. michaelsays:

    Christian bale nuff said

  75. Waylon Mercysays:

    It’s like, I just read a list of people some nobody doesn’t like. What the hell am I doing with my life?

  76. Runsays:

    The fact that Halle Berry was left off of this list probably infuriates her. She must learn once and for all that she is NOT a great “actress” and never has been.

    On the flip, she is a big enough star with big enough issues that she could have been included in this list.

    A notoriously bad temper that has led to her…

    Inability to keep a man despite her otherworldly physical beauty

    Recurring domestic fights with the men she manages to keep for longer than a month – many of which are/were reportedly her fault

    A hit-and-run on her resume

    Her obviously phony, contrived image as a princess, which shows through to the more astute observer….

    Bottom line: she’s one “actress” I wish would disappear!

    1. Michelle Kirkwoodsays:

      She’s a good actress,always has been—it’s just that if you’re a beautiful actress, you have to fight harder to get decent roles that do little more than put you on show as eye candy. Totally disagree with you there. Dosen’t make her a bad person,it just means she has issues she needs to deal with, like most people on this planet.

  77. Mz Black Widowsays:

    wow, I have read many lists, articles, opinions on actors – on all sorts of folk – in my 50-odd years on earth. I can honestly say this is the most stupid, pointless, senseless, everything-less piece of shit masquerading as writing I have ever read.

    Is this person a 12 year old? No offense meant to kids – my own would all have been ashamed to pen drivel like this at any age. I just.cannot.believe this was actually published. You know, where people could SEE it :/
    I love some of the people on this “list” and dislike others, intensely. Difference is, of course, I have actual reasons for my opinions, as most people do.

    I am just shaking my head here .. who IS this moron?????

  78. Nitrobuz Aesays:

    Cage was brilliant in Kick-Ass. No equivocation. Otherwise, yes, he sucks since National Treasure at least.

  79. carusosays:

    I’m not a big fan of movie stars in general, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article, not for the content, as I remain neutral, though okay, I admit, I could find no fault in what the author had to say, however, it was his writing style that I appreciated immensely. It was like hanging out with a friend, comfortable and amusing. Bravo Mr. Ruecker!

  80. metalhead65says:

    what I got from this list is Clint Eastwood is a terrible person because he is not a liberal douche bag like me. that alone makes him one the greatest people not the one of the worst.

    1. Michelle Kirkwoodsays:

      Oh, so you’re saying that conservative douche bags don’t exist? (What the hell is a douche bag,anyway?)

  81. E Robbsays:

    I think this list says more about you than anything. You hate Angelina Jolie because of her humanitarian work? You hate Ben Affleck because why? And you’re yet another person who hates Anne Hathaway but can’t articulate why.

  82. One flaw here. Cruise is not even close to being a great actor. He’s barely an actor. He’s just a movie star instead.

  83. Justin Elwoodsays:

    I met RDJr in Massachusetts while he was filming a movie. He was a nice guy.

  84. One Worldsays:

    What Morgan Freeman allegedly said makes complete sense. We live in an overly politically correct world. We should each have our own culture, but be able to gently poke at other cultures.

    This world is getting smaller and smaller. Not because there are increasingly more people in this world, but because we are becoming more and more aware of each other.

    The people of this world have to find the middle ground. We all have to come together, otherwise we’re going to end up destroying each other.

  85. chilibootssays:

    Madonna should be hit in the head with a baseball bat on a daily basis.

  86. Daniel Scrogginsays:

    Clint Eastwood is a great man, no he is not liberal you idiots, research you dumb bots. This author was 100% obviously bias of republicans, which shouldn’t had anything to do with this article. But greatly did.

  87. DingleBearEsays:

    What a horrible list and the reasoning behind many of them are ridiculous.
    The Clint Eastwood one is ridiculous. His two seasonings being; his political views; and responding to Spike Lees attacks and Spike Lee attacks everyone. Spike Lee isn’t on there, but I guess director possibly doesn’t count.
    Also Clint Eastwood is known as being a super nice director to work for. Supposedly he never yells and he’s very soft spoken.

  88. Tai-Pansays:

    This might just be the smarmiest list I have ever read. This author needs to look at himself a little closer.

  89. Narqsays:

    After your pointless speculations on actors who might be terrible people, I’m thinking of writing an article about possibly terrible people who write mean-spirited & pointless articles.

  90. Bobsays:

    No Katherine Heigl? I have never heard a single positive thing about that shrew

  91. Bill Fsays:

    Milk wasn’t a “real life hero” he was a pedophile who encouraging teenage runaways and used bigotry to fight bigotry. I was ready to shoot the douche by the end of the film if the big brother from Goonies didn’t do it!

  92. Reckertt Montgomerysays:

    I had the joy of meeting RDJ nearly ten years ago and he was positively lovely. It was Thanksgiving day at Jerry’s Famous Deli in Hollywood and we were both there picking up our to-go orders. Neither were ready yet, so we had a bit of time to kill and he filled the time with pleasant conversation. Without provocation he greeted me, asked how I was doing, and what I was doing for the holiday (other than getting take-out). Then he grabbed his food, we exchanged “Happy Thanksgiving”s, and he was added to my mental Top Five Nicest Actors list. RDJ is a genuinely nice guy.

  93. TimSingletonsays:

    LOL, your political prejudices are showing. I mean, wow, a Hollywood commentator does not like Eastwood. What a shocker.
    Your defense of Sean Penn lays EVERY motivation in its proper place, too.

  94. A guysays:

    i was with you until I called Leonardo “spoiled man-boy”, where most of his greatest parts have nothing to do with it. The list is on point, but Leonardo & Angelina J really don’t belong, for different reasons. Angelina isn’t that great an actress and Leonardo doesn’t seem very bad as a person at all.

  95. A guysays:

    & RDJ was Tony Starks before he played him. Its ashame he played him, because I think he is going to be pigeon-hold as an actor if he doesn’t get the chance to play someone drastically different on the intellectual spectrum from Sherlock & Tony Starks soon.

  96. Please Nosays:

    Some thoughts

    – agree with most people here that a lot of people on the list don’t deserve to be here. Nick Cage? Violence against your spouse is never OK. Mel Gibson? The batshit stuff about Jews and the phone call to his daughter put him firmly on this list. Russell Crowe? Assaulting someone over a phone call earns him a place.

    Cruise? I think the jury’s out, but I think that the fact both Kidman and Holmes have remarkably similar stories about his relationship with Scientology, and that rather creepy Scientologists only video that got released on the net probably put him there.

    Anne Hathaway is too nice? bullshit reason to be on this list. Dicaprio is a Hollywood Star? Hardly a revelation. Morgan Freeman? I think he’s earned his right to speak his mind, even if I disagree with him.

    Clint Eastwood? Putting the politics aside, the conversation with the chair at the Republican Convention was a douche move, for sure. Leaving the political bent out of it, the simple fact is that it failed to be funny, which took away any redeeming features. And while he was quite right to defend his films, he did make it very personal when he attacked Spike Lee, rather than debunked his criticism. Simply pointing out he was going for historical accuracy would have defused the argument. Having said that, the spat with Spike Lee seems like a really minor quibble and not something to judge him on.

  97. Robertsays:

    On Sean Penn: ‘…domestic assault charges he incurred while married to Madonna, whom he apparently hit on the head with a baseball bat. I don’t know what it’s like to live with Madonna but that’s just horribly unnecessary.’ Ha Ha Ha. Domestic violence sucks, but that’s one hell of a funny line.

  98. Sabrina Youngsays:

    i have to disagree with only 2…..Anne Hathaway and Robert Downey Jr.

  99. Devil Dudesays:

    This is a sh!t article by a hack writer…

  100. Guestsays:

    “How can someone so vile create such beautiful work?” Well, in all honesty, Mel Gibson’s ‘racism’ has been largely blown out of proportion by the media. He said some mean things when he was drunk, not unlike a great many people. It’s just because he has celebrity status that he was victimised to this extent. Mel Gibson, like you said, is a great actor and director – that’s all there is to it.

  101. Leon Evelakesays:

    Really Eastwood? Because he criticized Obama? How dare he have different views than you.
    Nick Cage because he odd and has debt. And How dare he actually man up and do the work to pay off that debt.

    Morgan Freeman because her does not support the use versus them attitude that feeds racism? How dare see people as people.

    Wheres Spike lee? You know the crazy racist filmmaker guy that picked the fight with Cling Eastwood.

    Wheres George Clooney The self involved jerk that made fun of Charlton Heston for having Alzheimer’s just because he had different political views?

  102. Danny McMahonsays:


  103. Embalozaebasays:

    Tom Cruise, outstanding actor?! WTF?! He’s the worst one here, a charisma free, chest-waxing, plastic faced, egomaniacal midget who treats women like crap and can’t keep it up and the bedroom, whilst fighting heterosexuality for years, while desperately hoping it didn’t look that way. And in the awful joke of a film called ‘Magnolia’ his part was the biggest joke of all. That vile creep- A SEX GURU! OMG! And they call Keanu Reeves a miscast joke! Tom Ooze, just repugnant, vile, and guilty of taking roles away from far better people on every move and movie made. Cruise is not weird for the sake of it, what’s weird is how he’s fooled every idiot in Hollywood to cast him in everything going. He even expected and accepted an award for that ‘Magnolia’ trash as a commiseration fr not being ‘a star’ in it! He’s bloody luck that loser director wanted him, as they all have. A millionaire scientology misogynistic freak who deserves nothing of his good fortune.

  104. Embalozaebasays:

    How can anyone not KNOW what it’s like to live with Madonna, the vilest woman ever spat out by the underworld? Hit her with a bat, if only he had, we could have been spared her for three decades. As soon as he left her, he’d barely even hit out at anyone. She attacked him with a bottle, threw pans at him, cut up his clothes and got him into all sorts of trouble over the years. Every time I hear tat vile bitch emitting her shriek from a radio or see her grinning/scowling from every TV, magazine and poster across the land, I could hit him for not hitting her till she died! Mind you, you’d need more than that to nail the antichrist, and she’s probably enjoy it anyway the oversexed dirty old harpie from hell. Granted he could be a better person, but so could many, and he did manage a long (by US standards) marriage to actress Robin Wright Penn for sure.

  105. Embalozaebasays:

    NO ONE but NO ONE could make that plastic, sexless, hollow creep Franco-Wanko cool. He’s a lousy interviewee as well and keeps correcting other people’s phrasing, even when as a yank, he can’t even talk properly. Or act for that matter, and has no charisma whatsoever or any call to be in front of a camera. Hes basically there as Hollywood loves plastic models. Vile ones too.

  106. Embalozaebasays:

    Never really thought of Mel Gibson as someone who ever did “beautiful work”. Don’t think you’re horrible mate, but your taste sure is. And as for Anne Hathaway coming off as awful (who thinks this?!) try Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey and Kristen Stewart, and Kate Winslet is pretty damn stuffy and way too ambitious for our own good and Gwyneth Paltrow a terrible whiner, and not an especially good actress either, and Jodie Foster way too willing to excuse away the attitudes of idiots she’s once worked with (Stewart and Gibson). Still, what to expect from someone who can’t even name the father of her kid, if she even knows it.

  107. Joshua Thirteensays:

    How is Jolie making you feel bad about yourself or being self righteous by doing good works? I have never heard her say a single ting to justify that. I have never heard her pretend to give anyone moral guidance, or brag about herself, or seek publicity for her deeds. She has given millions to charity, spends a great deal of time working for the UN (and not just doing fundraiser dinners like some). She goes all over the world, she lives where the ordinary UN workers live (not fancy hotels) and does a lot to help.

  108. Positivitysays:

    Boy, I couldn’t disagree with you more on the following: Why on earth would you include Robert Downey Jr. – absolutely an adorable guy and fantastic worker – he’s mean to NO ONE. I’m in the business and no one but no one loves Robert more than his crew and coworkers and lucky producers. Secondly, Billy Bob is GREAT, why include him as proof of her in this list – it should be the opposite (okay I’m in the Jen club). He would be the first to defend her – the men in her life defend her – who knows why. And who the heck cares what Morgan Freeman does in his personal life. Hello, its Morgan Freeman. Sean – okay you got that one right, but he IS a great actor. Leo, I’ve heard some things but again who the heck cares – he’s got every right to be more star than actor – ditto the wonderful Will Smith. What do you have against fantastic celebrities? And even before I worked in the industry, I saw Alec Baldwin in person and I guarantee with his looks you would be speechless and put your writing pad away gawking. He’s seriously the most phenomenal looking person ever, and it looks like he made up with his daughter so again who cares. (Did you ever for a moment wonder about his counterpart at the time Kim Basinger? Enough said.) I’m not in the business of dissing people.

  109. Kyle Guthriesays:

    Angelina Jolie is a terrible person because her extensive work with the UN and Wounded Warriors makes you feel bad? When I was medevacced to Ramm Stein she was there meeting us as we got off the plane without any photographers to document any of it. Next time maybe do slightly more research than none at all.

  110. Bramblessays:

    I thought the shtick by Eastwood at the Republican National Convention was the best thing I’ve ever seen at one of these usually drab affairs. Eastwood’s the man!

  111. Wishy-washy drivel lacking conviction, which is probably a good thing, since the author appears to lack the ability to string together his thoughts into a cogent argument.

  112. Jack Slatersays:

    Clint Eastwood’s speech was at the 2012 Republican convention. Gran Torino came out in 2008. It’s breathtaking how inaccurate writers can be when in the mode to attack someone they disagree with. Hilarious that Tom Cruise’s Scientology lunacy gets a couple word mention, but Clint Eastwood, who spoke at the convention for one of the only two political parties in our system, is crazy. Wow.
    Also, since you use Gran Torino as an example of racism, maybe you can explain how the ending would have been meaningful if he WASN’T an old racist Korean vet curmudgeon. It’s called ACTING.

  113. uncorrectedvisionsays:

    Perhaps it would be a good idea to become a fully grown person before looking down on people of accomplishment and character, like Eastwood ( whose Obama bit was GENIUS) and Jolie, who put her compassion into real action.

  114. ashfordsays:

    Anne Hathaway is brilliant and so nice in real life!

  115. chelleskisays:

    Why is Charlie Sheen not on this list? Why are Nicolas Cage and Leonardo DiCaprio on it for their spending habits, while Angelina Jolie is on it for snooty charity work but not for how she began her relationship with Brad Pitt? Seems like there are two sets of standards here.

  116. Barancy Pelomasays:

    what the author either fails to mention about sean penn that makes him a terrible person whether it is because he never knew about it (hard to believe) or chose to ignore because he shares similar feelings (more likely due to his admitted liberalism) is penn’s deep affections towards the late communist dictator hugo chavez. penn is even on the record for saying anyone who has called chavez a dictator should be in prison. like a true far lefty, penn does not believe in in freedom of speech.

  117. Kailee W.says:

    I was very excited to see everyone’s comments. I thought this article was horrible and showed the gross immaturity of the author. I am so happy that others felt the same way I did and the entire world didn’t have the icky viewpoints of this so called writer.

  118. Paul David Grahamsays:

    This writer is just jealous of other people’s success. His comments are too catty to be taken seriously. Total FAIL as a “journalist”.

  119. Vincent the Frenchiesays:

    who is the idiot who wrote this ? I like, I like not… bla bla bla… who cares ? who are you ? Darren who ? go back to your bed and shut up : what you say is nothing… In France we also have that kind of loser…

  120. Charliesays:

    Wow. The number of assumptions, projections and judgements in this list is staggering. Faulting someone for being too ‘good?’ Faulting someone for feeling they need to do something more meaningful than entertain others? For ‘doing’ things that are mere gossip? For doing what they believe in? THAT’s an ego trip… Writing in a public forum does NOT give you carte blanche to be an expert on human beings.

    And btw, take it from someone who’s seen it firsthand: famous ppl don’t become odd bcs they play other people. They get odd bcs they are ‘loved’ (or hated) for the distorted personality traits of their media images. Famous people are just regular people deep down. If they start out a bit insecure about being lovable (and so many ppl do), being fawned over for their media image only makes them more insecure about how lovable their REAL selves are. It makes them neurotic, and when you throw in large amounts of money it can lead to a disconnect from the day-to-day realities the rest of us face. Petty, judgemental people like you, who really have no freakin’ clue who these people really are only perpetuate this. Get hold of YOUR ego: stop playing psychoanalyst, stop judging others, get off that stick you have up there and do what YOU’RE good at.

  121. Kate Stotlersays:

    Sean Penn is a woman beater! He beat on Madonna and with his last wife! That makes him a TERRIBLE PERSON!!

  122. Kate Stotlersays:

    Angelina Holie is a skank! No if’s, and’s or but’s! She goes after married men. She has sucked the life out of Pitt! She kept a vial of Billy Bob’s blood around her neck, got out of a limo at an awards ceremony and announced to the world that she just had sex with Billy Bob in the back seat! She kissed her brother on live TV and not just a little peck on the lips! She’s nasty and gross! Want to know why she doesn’t adopt American children? Because they won’t let her! I wish she’d go to one of her favorite countries and stay there!

  123. Jc Equality Tiltonsays:

    That is how Nicolas Cage became famous was for his crazy acting in Raising Arizona and similar roles in the 90’s. He is very eccentric.

  124. Jc Equality Tiltonsays:

    I really don’t know what this author has against charity work, but it has ruined a possible good article. News for author, “Try doing a little charity work yourself, it might make you a better person!”

  125. Normsays:

    I never liked Morgan Freeman more. The author things he’s a bad person because of Morgan’s views that the less people focused on race the less it would be an issue. Wow.

  126. André Starksays:

    I can tell you that even though he does not share my political beliefs Clint Eastwood is an excellent person n person. Met him on the set of Mystic River and he sat and chatted with the extras and I also know the State Police liaison for the film and he sad he was one of the nicest people he has met that have worked in the industry. Most people want to work with him because he is efficient and there is never any drama on set. People know he is fair and generous and YOU want to do well for him. Ron Howard is the same way. If you are going to castigate people DO SOME RESEARCH other than hearsay and a few video clips on the telly

  127. @HellerWithAGunnsays:

    Okay, Sean Penn and Alec Baldwin are great actors and even bigger asshats. Cruise is a talented actor and movie star and nutty as a fruitcake because of Scientology. Nic Cage is more oddball than “terrible” person. Angelina Jolie needs to eat a couple of cheeseburgers. There’s also no question she marches to the beat of her own drum and probably has a too-friendly relationship with her brother, but she is one of the few Hollywood types who actually walk the walk, as well as the talk and donates one third of everything she brings home to humanitarian relief charities. I had the chance to meet Clint Eastwood and chat with him in an airport lounge. He’s an absolute gentleman. As for Robert Downey Jr., I noticed you neglected to mention past award winning performances in works as different as “Chaplin” to “Tropic Thunder.” Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but if you’re going to write about them it would behoove you to do the necessary research to prevent you making a proper arse of yourself.

  128. HankRearden75says:

    The empty chair was a metaphor for an empty suit president. Guess you don’t get metaphors?

  129. tchase98says:

    Darren, You are a moron. But that’s how the internet is. They let any jackass write something and pretend they’re a writer

  130. species-521says:

    “I mean, all this humanitarian work and UN advocacy? Stop making me feel bad about myself…” is definitely the most idiotic phrase I heard this year so far…

  131. Thaddeus lovelocksays:

    I don’t think Tom cruise is either a terrible person, or a great actor. He is instead a good actor (though, not to my taste). who is quite eccentric. I have read quite a few movie star biographers, and can think of far worse individuals.

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