Green Lantern Corps Fan Art Imagines Tom Cruise As Our New Hal Jordan


Tom Cruise as the new Hal Jordan?

It’s not outside the realm of possibility, according to the latest Internet scuttlebutt, which claims that the Mission: Impossible star and all-around Hollywood legend will headline Green Lantern Corps on one condition – Jordan must make it to the end of the film unscathed, as the original script supposedly killed off the cocksure pilot, presumably to pass over the mantle (read: ring) to John Stewart.

This is all conjecture for now, as the original ‘blind item‘ from Crazy Days & Nights was posted back in March, long before Geoff Johns ordered a page-one rewrite of the screenplay for Green Lantern Corps, all but confirming that Cruise has since passed up the chance to join the DC Extended Universe. Or Warner Bros. refused to meet his demands.

Whatever the case, BossLogic has today served up his own delightful piece of fan service, which renders Tom Cruise as the new Hal Jordan. And it’s pretty remarkable.

From Blade to Batman, Nightwing to Bond, BossLogic’s talents know no bounds, though it remains to be seen whether his latest fan art will actually come to fruition.

Like we mentioned before, Green Lantern Corps (and indeed the entire Worlds of DC franchise) has undergone a series of changes since March 2018, which leaves us feeling pretty skeptical about Tom Cruise signing on to play the one and only Hal Jordan.

Nevertheless, we can at least take solace in the fact that Green Lantern Corps is beginning to gain some traction now that Warner Bros. has ordered up a complete re-imagining of their cosmic epic. A mid-2020 release window is said to be the current target, and we’ll be sure to keep you posted if and when we learn more.