Green Lantern Corps Movie Still Happening Despite The TV Show

Green Lantern Corps

This week brought the good news that DC is developing an ambitious, big budget Green Lantern TV show for HBO Max. The series will be the first time the Emerald Knights have been brought into live-action since the 2011 movie. But speaking of the big screen, as exciting as this news is, fans are wondering whether the HBO Max project is effectively replacing the long-planned Green Lantern Corps film.

Thankfully, that doesn’t seem to be the case, as sources close to WGTC – the same ones who told us about the show before it was revealed – say the movie is still moving forward and the HBO Max series is a separate entity drawing from the same corner of the DC universe. As we don’t know any story details about the Greg Berlanti-produced project, it’s possible it’ll be avoiding Hal Jordan and John Stewart, both expected to feature in GLC, or else the studio has no issue with both playing with the same action figures.

This makes sense with the fact that a range of sources, including WGTC’s own, have provided updates about GLC recently. For instance, Tom Cruise was attached to the role of Jordan for a long time, but he’s said to have passed on the pic. Instead, Bradley Cooper looks to be the frontrunner to play the part. Stewart, meanwhile, will likely be portrayed as the rookie of the two with a younger actor being sought for the role.

Green Lantern Corps is one of several projects Warner Bros. is trying to interest J.J. Abrams in directing as well, along with a new Superman film and Justice League reboot. However, it’s unknown which of them, if any, he’s going to pick. With the movie not yet having found a filmmaker to helm it, then, it seems WB is too eager to wait to tackle the GL mythos and so is moving forward with the TV show as well. And that’s perfectly fine with us.