WB Rumored To Be Casting A Young Green Lantern John Stewart


One of the many beautiful things about the Green Lantern Corps is that it’s made up by thousands of ringslingers policing the cosmos, thus it gives storytellers in any medium a wealth of characters from which to pick. Naturally, folks from Earth tend to be the central focus, so it’s quite fortunate that the likes of Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner, Guy Gardner, Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz all hail from the same blue ball as the rest of us.

Now, if you’re familiar with this bunch, then you know that each of the above have had an era in comic book history where they’ve been the main focus in flagship titles spotlighting lightsmiths. In fact, the currently ongoing Green Lanterns series centers on Simon and Jessica, which likely had large influence on the rumor suggesting they be the ones headlining the next movie.

Regardless, it’s expected that Hal and John land the gig, as both tend to be the most widely known members of the Corps. If you’d like some reasoning to accompany that, Hal was played by Ryan Reynolds in 2011’s feature film and took the top spot in a couple animated flicks along the way, with John playing a huge role in both Justice League and Justice League Unlimited animated series, thus making him the definitive GL for a generation of viewers.

Understandably, many of us would expect for John Stewart to be played by a more seasoned actor like, say, Sterling K. Brown, but a certain tipster says otherwise. You see, Daniel R has again taken to Twitter, this time saying that Warner Bros. are on the hunt for a younger actor, “Late 20s to early 30s,” to be more specific.

If this chatter regarding Green Lantern Corps proves true, it’s within reason the studio go in this direction. After all, if they’re looking to craft an ongoing film franchise, then it makes sense to cast someone who can grow with the series for perhaps three or four installments. Either way, we’ll keep you posted should something concrete surface.