The Grey Gets A Red Band Trailer And October Re-Release

Joe Carnahan, the director of action packed films like NarcSmokin’ Aces, and The A-Team, is getting ready to release his newest film this week, The Grey. The survival thriller looks to be a gritty ride as we follow Liam Neeson and company as they struggle to stay alive against mother nature and a ferocious pack of wolves. In other words, it sounds completely awesome. And if the film’s premise isn’t enough to get you excited, the red band trailer shown below should do the trick.

In other news regarding the film, apparently, its January release isn’t a sign of the studio having little faith in the film (which is what a January release usually signals). In fact, it’s quite the opposite. The Playlist is reporting that The Grey will head back to theatres this October for a pre-Awards season run, mainly to campaign for Neeson.

Being a big fan of Neeson (who recently confirmed his appearance in The Dark Knight Rises), I’m excited to hear that they are going to push his turn in The Grey come Awards season. Knowing that we should expect another fantastic turn from the near-legendary actor, I’m even more excited to see the film now and based on the early reviews that have started to creep out, we should be in for a treat with this one.

Make sure to catch The Grey in theatres, this Friday.