Guardians Of The Galaxy Will Reportedly Have A Supporting Role In Thor: Love and Thunder


From the first second that Thor first interacted with the Guardians of the Galaxy in Avengers: Infinity War, fans were desperate to see the characters share more scenes together. The God of Thunder’s reinvention in Ragnarok lent itself perfectly to generating sparks with the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s band of intergalactic misfits, leading to hopes that a full-blown Asgardians of the Galaxy crossover could be in the works.

With James Gunn busy for the next year or so on the DCEU’s The Suicide Squad, it could be 2023 by the time we see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3., with the filmmaker confirming that the third installment will bring his time at the helm to an end. Thor also appears to have a lot on his plate in the upcoming Love and Thunder with Jane Foster set to inherit his mantle, Valkyrie now ruling Asgard and Christian Bale playing the villain, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be room in the story for Star-Lord and the gang.

Vin Diesel has already confirmed that the Guardians of the Galaxy were set to cameo in Love and Thunder, and we’ve now heard from our sources – the same ones that initially told us the Guardians would be appearing long before Diesel let it slip in an interview – that their role might be a lot bigger than first thought. From what we understand, the most recent draft of the script has drastically increased the Guardians’ involvement, so much so that they now play an important supporting role in the story.

While it remains to be seen if this has resulted in any major changes to Thor: Love and Thunder‘s narrative, fans suffering withdrawal symptoms waiting for Vol. 3 will no doubt be satisfied to see much more of the Guardians in the near future, especially when their all-too-brief interactions in Infinity War barely scratched the surface of how well they play off Chris Hemsworth’s title hero.