Guardians Of The Galaxy: Which Guardian Are You?


Guardians of the Galaxy

When Guardians Of The Galaxy was first announced, skeptics wondered how mainstream audiences would take to such a rag-tag group of lesser-known superheroes. Even with an Ant-Man movie in production, some considered Guardians Of The Galaxy to be Marvel’s riskiest gamble, but let’s be honest – as far as gambles go, a Marvel gamble is still one of the best you can bet on.

Enter Chris Pratt in what will undoubtedly be his breakout role, James Gunn as the wild-card director, and a team comprised of two walking, talking, animated anomalies, and you’ve got the biggest August release in history. Guardians Of The Galaxy is a knock-out hit, which I already waxed poetic about emphatically in my theatrical review, but Gunn’s masterpiece wouldn’t have been half as dynamic without a perfectly assembled cast.

More than any other Marvel movie, Guardians Of The Galaxy takes a group of outcasts without a home and turns them into saviors of the universe, but aside from their equally renegade nature, each Guardian is very different from the rest. Looking at Groot and Rocket alone, you see how each member relies on one another, utilizing each other’s strengths while helping to quell any unsavory traits, but no single Guardian is actually alike. When you look at the group, we all see ourselves in only one of the Guardians – so let’s figure out which Guardian we are!

In a bit of fun, let’s take a look at each dissected character and what makes them unique, determining which Guardian you stack up to most. Are you Groot, the lovable companion who will sacrifice anything for his friends, or maybe Drax the Destroyer, a pure brute with a tragic past? Why waste any more time, let’s find out!

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