Halloween Kills Confirmed To Return To An Iconic 1978 Location


Upcoming sequel Halloween Kills will be revisiting even more elements from the 1978 slasher classic than its predecessor, 2018’s smash hit Halloween rebootquel. A bunch of original cast members are returning, with Anthony Michael Hall joining the franchise as a grown-up Tommy Doyle. And now, director David Gordon Green has revealed that a major location from that first film will be back in Kills, as well.

Blumhouse hosted a watch party of the 2018 flick yesterday evening (Saturday the 16th), with Green hijacking the studio’s Twitter account for the occasion. One of the juicy secrets he dropped was that the Myers house will feature into the plot of his next movie. This is, of course, the childhood home of Michael Myers and the site of his first murder, when the 6-year-old killer stabbed his 17-year-old sister Judith to death while dressed in a clown outfit on Halloween night.

The Myers house got a lot of mileage in the previous sequels – The Revenge of Michael Myers saw it long-abandoned, while Laurie Strode’s uncle John had moved his branch of the family there, with fateful consequences, in The Curse of Michael Myers. Halloween: Resurrection then saw it used as the location for a web reality show, an idea Michael didn’t appreciate.

It’s fair enough that it was left out of the 2018 effort, then, which tried to offer up something different from those films, but it’s such an important part of Michael’s lore that it’s no surprise it’s coming back for the next one. Not to get ahead of ourselves, but it seems likely that it’ll return in Halloween Ends to boot, as that’s supposed to provide a final ending for the saga of Michael and Laurie.

Jamie Lee Curtis is back in Halloween Killswhich is, at the time of writing, still on course to arrive in theaters this October 16th.