Haddonfield High Beckons In BTS Shot For The Halloween Sequel


Filming on David Gordon Green’s Halloween continues apace, and to prove it, Andi Matichak (Orange is the New Black) has shared a behind-the-scenes shot straight from Haddonfield High.

Posted via Instagram (h/t Bloody Disgusting), the candid pic is likely lifted from one the film’s happiest moments, long before Michael Myers slices and dices his way into Haddonfield. In keeping with the franchise’s cherished legacy, Nick Castle will make his return as Myers, mask and all, while stunt performer and actor James Jude Courtney is expected to embody the otherworldly nutjob.

Matichak, meanwhile, plays the part of Allyson, a studious teen swept up in the terror. It’s all set to begin in October – fitting, really – and the following pic (seen in the gallery below, along with a few previously released ones) came bearing the caption: “Fast Times at Haddonfield High.” Fast times, indeed.

Even from this shot alone, it’s clear that David Gordon Green and the team are aiming to capture that old-school spirit of John Carpenter’s Halloween, which is to say that the final product will likely feature a group of impossibly pretty, sex-crazed teens being hunted by a relentless force.

That unyielding entity is, of course, Michael Myers, the horror mascot who first slashed his way into theaters (and into our dreams!) back in 1978. Now, 40 years later, the devil of Haddonfield is prepped and ready for his second coming, and it’s one that will ignore all other sequels in the Halloween franchise – barring Carpenter’s classic, of course, which is widely regarded as one of the best genre films ever made.

Michael Myers comes home on October 19th, and we simply can’t wait for another slice of Halloween action. Vice Principals star Danny McBride helped pen the script, which will seemingly place the focus on dread, not gore.