Henry Cavill Reportedly Angry At Everyone At WB For What They Did

Henry Cavill

We’re still waiting to find out exactly what Henry Cavill thinks about Warner Bros. and DC Films making the next standalone Superman movie a reboot without his involvement, but that could potentially be a long time away given that he’s currently under contract with the studio and might not be willing or even legally able to air his opinions and/or dirty laundry in public.

Fans have been wanting to see a Man of Steel sequel ever since the Kryptonian superhero flew back onto our screens in the summer of 2013, but WB have never been interested in making it a reality, despite Matthew Vaughn and Christopher McQuarrie both pitching ideas and Cavill’s repeated desire to stick around as the Big Blue Boy Scout for as long as possible.

Insider Daniel Richtman is now claiming that The Witcher star is said to be angry at everyone at Warner Bros. (presumably he means the studio’s top brass) for what they’ve done, but the tipster doesn’t offer anything else to back up what reads as a vague statement. After all, when the news broke last summer that Cavill had extended his deal as the DCEU’s Man of Steel, it came with the caveat that a solo sequel wasn’t part of the agreement.

Contractually, Warner Bros. are well within their rights to develop a Superman project without Henry Cavill seeing as it doesn’t fall under or violate the terms of his employment. And while you can completely understand why the actor would be irritated at how things have turned out, technically his paymasters have done everything by the book. That being said, it still must be a kick in the teeth to be sidelined after ten years in the role, especially when there’s always been so much enthusiasm from all other parties to make a Man of Steel sequel a reality.