Henry Cavill Reportedly Not Guaranteed To Return As Superman

Superman-is-Flat-Out-Angry-in-Man-Of-Steel (1)

It’s certainly been a big couple of weeks for fans of the DCEU, following the internet-breaking news that the Snyder Cut of Justice League was finally happening and heading exclusively to HBO Max, as well as the apparent end of the speculation surrounding Henry Cavill’s future as Superman. That’s without even mentioning the rumors that Warner Bros.’ owners AT&T want Ben Affleck to return as Batman, something the media conglomerate themselves are doing little to dispel.

Despite playing the title character in the movie that launched the entire franchise, Cavill has still never been given the opportunity to truly make the role of Superman his own. The Big Blue Boy Scout was sidelined in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice as Zack Snyder made it clear that the Dark Knight was always the superhero he was more interested in, while it would be an understatement to say that his arc in Justice League left a lot to be desired, although that’s all set to change now that the Snyder Cut is in the works.

It may have been reported recently that the 37 year-old had committed his future to the DCEU, and the actor himself appears ready to get back into Superman shape, but apparently, an imminent return to the fold isn’t a guarantee. As per the report from Heat Vision, just because Cavill has agreed to keep playing the Man of Steel it doesn’t mean that he’s instantly set to start making cameos all over the place, and the actor hasn’t yet “officially re-entered negotiations to return for a cameo” in any film.

Of course, when it comes to blockbuster franchises like the DCEU, the stars often sign multi-picture contracts without having any clue as to when or where they’ll be required to suit up, so it would make sense that the studio would sign Cavill up for further appearances without having a concrete roadmap in mind for Superman, especially when his stock has never been higher thanks to the global success of his star turn in Netflix’s The Witcher. And besides, we’ve already heard that the plan is for him to have a cameo in Black Adam during the post-credits scene. So while things may not’ve been made officially official just yet, it certainly sounds like talks are well underway and plans are being made.