Henry Cavill Reportedly Wants To Play A Disney Prince

Henry Cavill

It should go without saying that Henry Cavill is a very handsome man, and when you’re a very handsome man who happens to be an actor, you’ll find yourself regularly being cast to play very handsome men. Even when he’s not relying on his chiseled features under the wig, makeup and CGI enhancements used for The Witcher‘s Geralt of Rivia, he’s jacked as hell anyway, so he can always fall back on his physicality.

It’s not a bad position to be in, one that’s seen him suit up as Superman, get Netflix sued for his overly-emotional version of Sherlock in Enola Holmes and constantly find himself linked to James Bond as the vacancy in the tux grows ever closer. On top of all that, insider Daniel Richtman is now reporting that the 37 year-old wants to play a Disney prince, but that’s the entirety of what the tipster has given us to work with.

Cavill might look like he’s been ripped straight from the pages of a fairtytale, and he’s certainly got the right blend of star power and charisma that the Mouse House like to load up their live-action remakes with, but barely a day goes by without the DCEU’s canonical Kryptonian being linked to a myriad of non-Superman projects, which has coincidentally ignited since the very day J.J. Abrams’ reboot was first announced.

Richtman in the last several weeks alone has claimed that Henry Cavill reached out to Marvel and demanded $10 million to join the studio’s cinematic universe, was seeking out more video game adaptations, was being eyed for a miscellaneous superhero franchise, wanted to collaborate with Robert Downey Jr., tried to negotiate a better financial package for The Witcher and much, much more, so this latest addition to the perpetual rumor mill is best not being treated as confirmation of anything just yet.