Henry Cavill Reportedly Really Wants Another Superhero Role

Henry Cavill

The vast majority of kids grow up wanting to be superheroes, and since the genre became the most popular type of movie in Hollywood over two decades ago, should those youngsters end up getting into the acting business, they’ve got a much better chance than ever of seeing their dreams become a reality.

Both Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland were lifelong fans of Spider-Man before being chosen to suit up as the web-slinger, although you don’t have to have an affinity for the character in question to secure the role, as much as it might help in some cases. Henry Cavill, meanwhile, is a noted Superman aficionado, and even named his dog Kal, but the news of J.J. Abrams’ reboot has left him out in the cold.

While he’s still contracted to return as the Big Blue Boy Scout, the studio clearly don’t have faith in the actor to lead another standalone movie if they’ve decided to wipe the slate clean instead of giving both Cavill and his fans the direct continuation to Man of Steel that they’ve been hoping to get for the last seven and a half years.

Insider Daniel Richtman is now claiming, though, that The Witcher star is actively looking to be cast as another superhero somewhere else in Hollywood, although the tipster doesn’t offer much in the way of extra information. Of course, there are a thousand Henry Cavill stories making the rounds these days, and in the last week alone Richtman has reported that he’s already reached out to Marvel, while he’s also looking for another franchise to join, trying to play Netflix for more money and knocking back Warner Bros.’ offers of Superman cameos, so it’s best not to take anything at face value until the man himself breaks his silence.